When sex addiction replaces the one we shook

I’m sober. But I’m not. Just getting drunk on a different thing. Needing affirmation. Needing a high. Same part of the brain maybe. Sorry to ramble. Just want to say it out loud.


Unfortunately, we will do/try anything to get the dopamine flowing again. I’d suggest you change your profile pic and just a reminder to all… this isn’t a hookup site.



Poke away. You don’t bother me :kissing_heart:


This is my thing

Been 7 days today. I can’t get my jollies off and feeling absolutely sucked in a black hole.

I just read that its normal that your sexdrive increases when you stop drinking. From men to men, don’t worry. Enjoy it😁

Let’s try to practice empathy…


Empathy is my second name. I’m trying to help others and myself.

I’d like to read that source.

Hi Dresden. Nice to read you again.

I can do, but its in german. Should i send it anyway?

Thanks for making me aware that I cut the wrong one some slack just now.

If he feels like this is a problem then it is and we should respect that. You basically just told him controlled drinking is fine.


That’s fine; I’ll ask a German speaker I know to translate it.


Part of PAWS is a lose of sex drive which unfortunately is what I am suffering from. So don’t believe everything you read.

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And here is the second one. Alcohol can absolutley represses the libido of a man

Yes, first. But it will come back if the damage is not permanently…

Haha, whatever. It’s quite nice. Looking back it was a pain in the neck. If I wanted it and my wife didn’t I’d get upset causing resentment on both sides creating a bad atmosphere.
Though I think it could be going the other way now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh hell no, thats not what i wanted to say. I just want to say that its normal to have a higher libido when he stops drinking, because alcohol is harming the sexdrive.

I wish. I’m having the opposite problem.

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