Where are you from, and where have you been?


I live in Cork City, Ireland, soon to be Co.Cork. I lived in Australia and I backpacked through Thailand, Australia and America.

Unfortunately while I spent my best days travelling seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world, I regrettably spent a lot of it drunk.

I would love to see Japan, New Zealand and the Northern Light atleast once in my life time.

Places I have been sober. 0
I'm from London, where are you?

I really want to visit japan!


I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve been to Spain, the UK, Greece and Japan :slightly_smiling_face:


I live in England. I’ve been to lots of areas of Spain, Canary Islands, Stockholm, Paris, Budapest, Oslo, Ireland, Florida, various parts of Greece.


From: BC, Canada.

  • Mexico (Baja California)
  • Across most of Canada by train
  • USA, just passing through to Mexico
  • Worked in the stupidly high arctic of Canada.

If anyone’s been to Svalbard, I want to know about it!


I’m from NYC, lived in Connecticut, Philadelphia, Seattle and now Austin. Have been to Cork!, Quebec, Boston, Denver, Anchorage, San Francisco, Vancouver, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Jackson Hole, and Bermuda. Want to visit: Big Bend West Texas, Portugal, Switzerland.


This is interesting…I’m from Helsinki, Finland…and I’ve been to hmm: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Mexico, Thailand…hmm USA…that’s it…would love to visit the caribbean, New York, Japan…sooo many places…traveling is the greatest thing ever :slight_smile:


Live in the uk. Spent my formative years in the navy. Been to the Falklands, San Diego,Charleston, Fort Lauderdale, Hong Kong, Singapore and a few other places, oh Hawaii. I should imagine a lot has changed as it was over 30 years ago.
And in the last 30 years I’ve been to Greece and france.


Lived in Okinawa twice (18 mos and 3 years). During my time in service, in war and peace, I traveled to Norway, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Malta, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Cuba, Panama, mainland Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, S. Korea, Thailand, and Australia, US Territories of Guam and Puerto Rico, plus various parts of the US, either stationed or for training. As a civilian, been back to Spain, France, added Iceland and the Bahamas, plus several regions of the US.


So far i have been to south of france, cape verde island, turkey, lived in spain for 3 years south near malaga


Visit to Goose Green with some well-armed mates?


From Ottawa, Canada but have lived in US (as a baby so does it count), Netherlands, Paris.

Where have a visited…I’m going to try and remember in order…

Spain (though I don’t really remember much)
Dominican Republic
Cayman Islands
UK again

Soon will go to Puerto Rico and St. Maarten on a cruise

I REALLY want to go to Stockholm one day.


Did go to Goose Green, went canoeing if I recall. Unfortunately I was 2 years too late for the fireworks.


Born, raised, and lived my whole life in Massachusetts, USA. College in New Hampshire, so the majority of ~4 yrs was spent living there.

Where have I been:

In the US: Every state on the east coast, all the gulf states, Tennessee, Washington state. Many of those numerous times.

Outside of the US: Ireland (12-15 times, lost count), Canada (several times), Iceland, Wales, Scotland, England.

Travel wish list: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark (hope to do a car trip through all 4), Greece, South Korea, Japan, S.E. Asia, Russia, Balkans, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand


I’ve lived in these states in the USA: Hawaii, Washington and California. I’ve also lived in BC Canada.

I’ve visited these states in the USA: Alaska, New York, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, Oregon, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada.

Flown through a handful more.


I was going to say I’ve been to CA, but somehow I think a 2hr stopover at the SF airport doesn’t count :upside_down_face:


That’s funny, because reading your list I was like, I don’t see CA!?! Lol Too bad you couldn’t see SF, I’ve only visited for the day, but it was beautiful.


From Finland and been here and there. Next would like to go to Lapland far north and later on somewhere warm :slightly_smiling_face::palm_tree:




Bless you!