Where are you from, and where have you been?


My big dream is From Moscow to Vladivostok by trans siberian rail. So far I’ve been to Finland, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, UK. Im from Estonia.


Thanks I will definitely consider that!


From Indiana. The majority of these were seen in clusters while on various tours over the years.

Been to, in alphabetical order:

North Carolina
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
South Carolina
West Virginia


The trans siberian route is on my wishlist too!


I live in South Dakota, I’m from Nebraska. I’ve lived in Colorado, Arizona, California Iowa and Nevada. I’ve been to Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, Washington D.C, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey Missouri, Utah, Montana, Hawaii, Mexico, Diego Garcia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Barbados, Panama, New Zealand, South Korea, Colombia.


Thanks @TMAC! Im not ready to try yet, but when Im ready, Im ready :grinning:

At the local aa meetings we joke about testing our sobriety by a ferry cruise to our neighbours Estonia and Sweden. Those cruises are mostly about extreme boozing and people behaving like idiots.


I’m Brazilian, have lived in Russia for couple of months and have been to Argentina.


Where in the UK you lookig at?


Blimey!! That’s an impressive list😃
Aside of Thailand and Mexico I’ve mostly been to Europe. In fact mostly France. And mostly the alps. Creature of habit.
Been to the states a couple of time for work but that doesn’t count as all I saw was hotel rooms and conference suits.
India on my to-go list.


I’ve lived in Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.I’ve traveled throughout the USA. I’ve been to Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Took a trip by car through Central America from Mexico to Costa Rica. I have drank alot in all those places. Travel filled that need for excitement i have as an alcoholic. I have traveled sober during this last year. It’s challenging but I’ve done it. Feels good.


I was born in Canberra but grew up and still live on the Gold Coast, Australia.
I have been to -
New Orleans
Oh and I’ve been to Hell during my active alcoholism…


I’m loving reading through this, so fascinating! I love to travel (being an Army brat and prior service myself may have contributed to that lol!), though sadly I’ve yet to get anywhere outside the US, barring Canada (which I don’t count because it was only to drive through while moving to and from duty station in Alaska, and I was too young to remember anything about it anyway!)

In the States: Louisiana is home, though I currently live in Colorado.

I’ve also lived in: Georgia, California, Alaska, South Carolina, 3 different places in Texas including Austin, Rhode Island, and Kansas.

I have otherwise visited: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Missouri, Las Vegas, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Alabama, and Florida.


From Akron, Ohio, live in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA. I’ve been to Dr. Bob’s house.


Oh and I’ve been to Hell during my active alcoholism…

There’s a bus to Hell and back. I commuted on that sumbitch for at least 10 years.


Oh yes I’ve come to know it very well over the years also! I would have to rate that destination minus 5 stars…


For a few years, I lived in the top block of West Jefferson, right around the corner from Dr. Bob’s. I never knew about it until this Akron kid moved to Vermont and got sober. I’ve been to Dr Bob’s boyhood home in VT and his adult home in Akron. I haven’t made it to the Wilson House yet, and that’s only like 100 miles from my place!


The Gold Coast is beautiful. I lived in Surfers for a while and I used to play rugby over their (Bond Pirates). I wasn’t too keen on running in the 30 degrees though, we’re not use to that kind of heat here in Ireland. :joy::joy::joy:


I’m from New Mexico but live in Texas. In the USA I have been too the states mentioned before of course, And:
South Carolina
New York
Out of the states:
Surfers Paradise and Cairns in Australia
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Juarez, Mexico
Costa Rica
Grenada, Caribbean

My next trips this year are going to be a girls trip to Sedona, Arizona and a wedding in The UK this summer :slight_smile:


Oh cool the tourist strip hey!! I stay clear of Surfers these days. Thats so cool though, it’s always nice meeting people on here who have been to the GC :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s a beautiful peninsula in Poland called Hel … It would be nice to say " I have been to Hel and it is beautiful, highly recommend that place " :slight_smile: