Where are you from, and where have you been?


My husbands sister owns a diving resort in Indonesia. That is where I would love to go and learn to dive, which Im a little afraid of. But not ready yet. Id be so nervous even before the trip, id probably start drinking :confused:


I have been up shit creek!


I live in Norway :grinning: been to denmark ,sweden , las Palmas- spain and more i hope .


Live in San Francisco Bay Area (7 years), all around Chicago land a whole life before that.

Long, repeat visits: Japan, Germany, Vancouver BC

Misc: Seattle WA, Fort Collins CO, New York City NY, Florence Italy, Trieste Italy, Albuquerque NM, St. Louis MO, Anchorage AK, Las Vegas NV, Boston MA, Washington DC, Mexico, Wisconsin, Indiana, Virginia, Kansas, Michigan, Florida…

Where are you from?

Hey just by scrolling here @Rain666 and @EllasMom I saw you were Scandinavians? Im from Canada but I just got invited to give a conference in Moldo, Norway. Looks like an isolated village to me but of course I’m going. I would like to enjoy a little more my staying since I only have 1 day planned there. The rest I could go anywhere but I can’t figure how best to travel not where to go. I don’t know nothing about the history of this country (except maybe the vickings - is it? :sweat_smile: ) If you guys or anyone else have any insight or comments about a trip in this area (I like trains, I could go to another country or some other places while I’ll be there at least a week). I’m just starting to check my options, it’s gonna be at the end of June. Anything help!
Sorry a little off topic!!


Wtf!.. No one wants to visit delaware? Land of tax free? Lmfao


Just dont start with Leif Eriksson when you meet people there. Theyve heard it too many times :wink: norway is one beautiful country ive been there once only and wish to go again to several places. I think here are people from Norway, but rain666 is from Finland (as am i). But im sure youll get tips for travelling, climat etc in scandinavia. Maybe you could visit Helsinki on your way or after the conference :slight_smile: there are sober fellows waiting.


Staten Island!!! I was born and raised in Staten Island…worked in brooklyn, hung out in Manhattan, went to a party in the bronx and got lost in Queens (eveytime I went there)…oh and played hockey in Long Island…Translation…Drank In Staten Island, Drank in Brooklyn, Drank in Manhattan, Drank in the Bronx, got lost in Queens (everytime I went there) and Drank in Long Island. :thinking:


And I Drank in Delaware, Rehoboth mostly but also Lewes and Bethany Beach…


Also drank in Cincinnati, and drove back to NY in a rental with the front bumper in the front passenger seat…


I was born in Georgia (Ft. Benning), moved to Cologne/Germany when I was 2. Now I live close to Frankfurt. I’ve traveled to

France (we crossed the Alps to Nizza/Cannes with an old Sports car-amazing!!)

In the US:
Phenix City/AL
Hilton Head
Chicago (I love this city and hope to be there again soon)
Grand Haven
Traverse City

I would love to see:
the Northern lights and Mount Everest, go to Ireland, Iceland, Japan, Russia (Moscow), Boston, Tokio, Nepal… I prefer nature over too crowded areas for a longer vacation. I love mountains a little more than the sea.


You need to make a thread about norway. There are some norwegians on the forum, but I forgot their named. Once you located a norwegians Ask them If you’re in danger of getting asthma while there…cause they all have it. :yum:


I grew up in New Jersey but then I lived in arizona for two and a half years. I have a lot of family in South Carolina so I’ve up and down the east coast many times. I went to Portland, Oregon for a summer and went to Barcelona for almost two weeks. Now I live in Washington state but honestly, I miss the Southwest. Parts of Utah were beautiful. So was New Mexico and Colorado. Ah so much to see. :blush: :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


Well i guess you will never be coming back…lol atleast u saw the nice parts of delaware…


Was born in Thailand and raised in the Netherlands. Living in Amsterdam.

Visited not enough places so far but have been to Japan, and a lot European cities.


Im from upstate New York - Lived here my whole life. Ive visited Canada, Bahama’s, Florida, Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, Maine, Ohio and drove through the East Coast. Looking to travel more, who wants to hang! :joy::joy:


Thailand is on my bucket list, it looks beautiful


I was born and raised in Maine in the US. I have traveled extensively and often in the US and visited every state except Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state. I have lived in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Florida. Big up to Vermont for beauty and kindness and ingenuity. One of my favorite places.

I have traveled to parts of Canada, Mexico, Jamaica (40+ times, home away from home), St. Lucia, Anguilla, Roatan, St. Martin, Belgium, The Netherlands and France.

Mostly I love road trips in the US.


It is! :smile:
Land of the smiles, but also land that is ruled by a military junta since 2014 :frowning:
But still very nice to travel through the whole country!


Yea I’ve been thinking about it before posting here, but then I thought it was a little too much off topic lol. There’s plenty of places on internet I guess I can find my answer haha But was worth asking thanks