Where are you from, and where have you been?


Born, raised and living in Southern California.

Visited every state in the U.S. except North Dakota, Kansas and the 6 most Northeastern states. Outside of the U.S. I have been to Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and B.C. Canada.


Vermont (one of the only states I haven’t traveled to) is top on our list for retirement relocation destinations.


Northern California born n raised, been to Oregon, Washington State, Nevada, North Carolina, Funchal Madeira, Lisbon Portugal. I definitely need to see more!


I did not know your were from maine!! :+1:


Grew up in Maine, USA. Spent most of my adult life (aged 20-35) living in London, UK and traveling lots. Been to 35+ countries, mostly North America and Central America (+ islands), Europe, Africa (Northern and Southern), Middle East and Asia.

Not yet been to South America (mainland) or Australasia. Also not much in the middle part of USA (mostly just east and west coast).

Since i moved back to Maine 2 years ago, i haven’t been traveling so much, but off to Bahamas in two weeks to get away from this cold AF winter!!


Interesting! Vermont is a wonderful state. I lived there for 30 years and just loved it. Being a New Englander, I finally tired of the length of winter and lack of sunshine and jumped ship for sunny Florida. If I wasn’t so lazy and had unlimited funds I would probably be a snowbird.

Which part of Vermont are you interested in? It can be a harsh environment as you age. Shoveling is no joke up north.


Where in Maine are you from and living? I grew up in Norway. My folks are from Westbrook and Old Orchard…spent lots of time at OOB in the summers. Maine is a lovely state. :heart:


Looking at Stowe, Burlington, surrounding area.


That’s where I lived. Burlington and Stowe are both fabulous and expensive. Hiked all over Mt. Mansfield and lived under it for many years. Gorgeous area, vibrant, involved, progressive communities. Heaven on earth IMHO.


I grew up in Waterville, then as a teenager was in portland and now live in Richmond. Although i was away for a long time, this place feels like home and is magical :two_hearts:


I went to college in Portland and hung out there a lot way back when. My brother and his family live in Wilton and my niece is in Bethel…love that area. Where is Richmond located?


Richmond is between Brunswick and Augusta. 45mins north of Portland. I am up and back to Portland a couple times a week and whework in Augusta.


Portland must be a pretty cool little city these days.


Cotton eye joe


Manchester UK.

The only continent I’ve never been to is South America. I’d love to go to Argentina in sobriety. Off to Israel in the Summer. Can’t wait


Arlington, TX

All across Texas. Ft. Benning GA, Ft. Lee VA, Ft. Bragg NC, Ft. Jackson SC, Ft. Hood TX. Colorado, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi.
Switzerland, Iceland, Great Britain, Canada, Kenya, Mombasa. :sunglasses:


I live in Twin Falls Idaho. I have been to Denver Colorado, Utah, Nevada,Oregon and California numerous times


I’m from Finland.

I’ve been in Ireland, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Estonia.

Most of those trips drunk as F… :confused:

Super excited to HOPEFULLY have my first SOBER vacation to India this year :slight_smile:


I’m from England, never lived anywhere else but have travelled a lot. I’ve been to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Morocco, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Borneo, Hong Kong, America, Australia, China, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Easter Island. Im going to Nepal in the next few months. What a fun list that was to make on a Saturday morning😁


I’m from :ireland: Ireland
Been to: Russia :ru:Estonia :estonia: Latvia :latvia: Finland :finland: France :fr: Italy :it: and the UK :uk:
In sobriety hopefully many more places