Where do you go for comfort?

A big reason I have turned to alcohol, food, and hyper-sexuality in the past has been my deep need for comfort. There are so many painful memories and traumas in my mind combined with the heavy burden of every day life. Now that I’m going full throttle into sobriety by ditching alcohol and eating right, I’m at a loss on where to find the comfort.


I take “healing showers”, in which I will hold myself in a hot shower (not scorching, it is supposed to be comforting lol,) and speak aloud affirmations I should have received growing up.
As i wash my hair, i say this head should have received kisses and pets so now i pet my own head with love…etc.
Another thing you can do to self comfort is rock yourself. It is exceedingly comforting.
Hot tea helps.
It depends on how you want comforted, too.


I find a lot of comfort in doing kind things for others. It can be a loving text to someone, donating money, time or gifts to a cause I care about, or sending a hand written letter…anything really that makes my heart feel warm.


Your post reminded me of something we did in drug treatment many years ago. Its called a Comfort Box. So I have the same issue. Finding things I like that provide comfort which are healthy. I sat down and listed on a piece of paper the 5 senses. And from there I listed under each sense, things that I liked which provided comfort for me. Afterwards, I went around and gathered up all these things and placed them in a box. I decorated the box with inspirational sayings, pictures, etc.
For example:
Smell - I find the smell of Lilacs, Lavender, & Candles, essential oils comforting and soothing
Taste - Cinnamon gum
Sound - A cd of rain showers etc
Touch - Soft piece of fabric etc, my crystals
Sight - I love xmas lights so I bought a battery operated string of mini lights from the dollarstore, pictures of nature, Big Book, daily affirmations etc
Anyway, the idea is to be able to access these comfort things during times of need.
It has helped alot and I was also able to discover things about myself that I liked (seeing how i lost touch of that while using).


I have a comfort bag, filled with things for all the senses. I have items for any reason or circumstance that helps me ground. Thankfully I haven’t had to lug it around in a while.


Finding out my love languages was really helpful. Altho I don’t have a partner atm, these are insightful in friendships and other relationships. I was well into my 30s before I realised touch is a big thing for me. So when I need comfort, tactile things are helpful.


I love this task its brilliant, what a exercise to do. And you can relate to every feeling I love it. I just go and sit at my old mums grave and talk to her for a hour. She’s the only one now that doesn’t interrupt me now when I’m looking for excuses :man_shrugging:.


I find comfort in God and chocolate.


I find comfort in being kind and helping people where I can. I also find it in self love/care. I am finding that whilst I am dealing with old traumas I am not wanting to be physically touched by my partner. I hug and get hugged by my sons but other than that I am quite happy to not be touched. But I have found that when I want a ‘loving hug’ I can just get under my weighted blanket and let that soothe me. :pray:t2::two_hearts:


For me, it is a cup of coffee and outside in the forest listening to critters.