Where is everyone from?


I live closer to the donkeys so I am a bit more of a donkeys fan. But I will cheer on on the “chefs” too. I do bleed KState purple though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I am in cold Sweden


Northern CA, me too :slight_smile:


Aaahhh I started having hope for the Chargers again and they broke my heart (but as a lifelong fan, im used to it) :wink:


Even from more cold Norway :slight_smile:


So used to it😤


Northern California


Lincoln Nebraska


Eek! What temptations are you trying to avoid up there?


Drinking, you?


Yeah, Topeka here. Born in IL, grew up in WI, spent a short time in FL and many years in TN.


Just saw this. I’ve went to a couple of meetings. They are not for me. I’ve read books on alcoholism, love this forum, and have God with me. So that is how I’m getting through this all. Made it over 30 days sober now. I’m doing well.


Booze and the white stuff


Bit more stuff to fight. For quitting booze we really live in good countries :slight_smile: yesterday even there where a short wish to drink it was too late to buy :slight_smile:


Hi fellow kiwi


Indeed! Funnily enough the white stuff is available 24/7 whereas the booze like you has limited hours :slight_smile: Boredom and anxiety are the biggest issues for me here in Sweden. How are you avoiding drinking?


Work, read, watch movies. And ya that selling hours helos a lot cauz mostly to start to feel like to drink ib the evening :slight_smile:


It used to be annoying to go to vinmonopolet/systembolaget to get booze but now after decided to stay sober I like that thing :wink:


Rhode Island, US


DC area, or as I call it “Living in the shadow of the puzzle palace”.