Where is everyone from?


Same here.


Tennessee about an hour from Chattanooga


Kia ora Paul :blush:


Upland, California here. I’m new to this page. I’ve read some of the posts and I can really relate to a lot of them.


That’s awesome! :blush::blush: I love it so close to so many beautiful places!!


Hey, I’m new here and wanted to say hi. I’m from Brooklyn


I am in Northern Colorado.


Florence SC


Royal Oak, MI currently, was born in Chicago.


Very positive way of looking at it! I will do the same :slight_smile:


Good :slight_smile: theese two countries are really goos for quiting :slight_smile: or like you start to want booze late in the evening but you just can not get :slight_smile: going to grocery shops also do not reminds to buy buy booze


Bend, Oregon


East Bend, North Carolina


Nice to see another tarheel in here!


Houston, Texas where you can’t throw a stick without hitting a bar AND a meeting. We have a lot of both. :wink:


Midcoast Maine


I LOVE midcoast Maine!


I just moved here last year from Boston and like it! Of course it is -4 degrees right now lol. Working to find things to do when it’s this cold that don’t include drinking!


Yeah, winters are tough!



Sunny florida