Where is everyone from?






I’m from st.augustine


What is the temp there right now?


Vancouver Island , canada , BC


I lived on Whidbey Island in the 90’s.

Sort of close. Partied in Victoria and Vancouver


Little town in Ontario, Canada! :snowflake:️:snowman:️


Lincoln Nebraska


Arlington, TX


Today was very windy, 50 mph winds in the hills near Anchorage so it was about 40 f. Average for the past few weeks in the teens


I thought it would be colder by you. Here in Wisconsin it’s been below zero! So cold!


Me too! Where are u at n Ohio? @Missred


Go Browns! lol. Ohio boy myself @Tombolini


He’ll yeah good to see Nebraska


Our winter’s haven’t been so cold. I’ve been in Anchorage for about for years and very few days where the temp dropped below zero f.
It get colder in the Midwest and upstate NY


Norwich UK :uk:
Finally feel like I’m beginning to see the great side in the most connected generation that has ever lived!
Should’ve done this years ago!
Absolutely incredible that a good will message here can be a help to someone thousands of miles away!
How are we all doing today?


Southern California - :us:


Montréal, Canada


Norway here🌨️


Hallo, hvor i Norge? :slight_smile: