Where is everyone from?


Bor for tiden i Follo. Du?


I Nord Norge. What is your addiction if I may ask?


Alcohol is the drug of choice, but I find that it is my restlessness that drives me to drink. Been on an off since age 20. Am 30 now, and clean for a week (again😅). How about you?


Alcohol as well :neutral_face: I remember how I was hating that we need to go to vinmopolet for drinks and selling hours are short. OMG how much I am appreciating it now after deciding to be sober :grinning:


That is true​:blush: hope it stays that way! Keep going strong! :muscle:


You too :v::roll_eyes::blush:




Go Pats. I’m a Boston native. Live in the DC metro now.


I grew up in Fontana, CA. Now I’m in Herrin, IL.


Portland Oregon


I. Am from the litchfield aera in ct


Kelowna, British Columbia :heart:


Austin Texas


DFW, Texas USA


Montenegro, found this awesome app when i relapsed hard and now its much easier , thank you


Belgrade, the capital town of Serbia :slight_smile:


I’m from Brooklyn New York.
Am I the only one?


I use to live here almost 4 years ago ! Movers back to Virginia which is home :two_hearts: @3boysMom


I’m from Salem Virginia :two_hearts::two_hearts: Any Va peeps ?!


Where you at in VA? That’s home for me too :two_hearts: @Hlillady