Where is everyone from?


Another BC person!
Victoria, here…


Hello neighbor…Croatia :slight_smile:


I’m from Germany and just finished week three. Thanks to the wonderful people on this app :grinning:


Hmmm, is it just me or are there two threads with the exact same name?

I grew up near San Francisco, California. Have lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since 2000.


I’m in Massachusetts too


Lee’s Summit, Missouri.
Aka Soccer-momville suburbia


Yep. my town is just like that…


haha I don’t hate it… Keeps me in business :wink:


NoVA here.


Hello hello :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m new to the group. I grew up south of New York state. But I moved to Peterborough England when I was 19. I just turned 37 years old. So I’ve lived in England for almost half my life now. :slight_smile:


Hey… very coincidental, I lived in Pennsylvania til I was 19. Then moved to England :slight_smile:


Oh… forgot to mention the coincidental part. I moved away from Pennsylvania in 2000. :slight_smile:


I haven’t been to Victoria since I was in high school, it’s so beautiful there!! BC represent!!


Ever look back and wonder who that interesting and daring person was? Haha, I’m definitely still interesting, albeit in a different way, but definitely not daring like that!


Yes. Definitely. I’ve had my confidence beaten down then built up so many times I can’t remember how many times. I just keep moving forward. No point looking back. Just keep swimming. :slight_smile:


Born in Ohio grew up in Akron, living in Northern Vermont for 25+ years. Those are some deep AA roots, though I got the chronology backwards!


I see ! :expressionless::broken_heart:🤦


San Francisco, California :sun_with_face:


Laguna Beach,CA