Where is everyone from?


I hope you don’t think “NoVA” means “No VA”.

I live in Northern Virginia, about 3 hours from Salem.


When I first read Nova I thought you meant Nova Scotia … :smile:


Took a bit for this Boston Lad to get used to all the abreviating that goes on in my area. Kept looking on the map for a place called “DelMarVa”, which means “Delaware/Maryland/Virginia”. Weather reports would say “expect 6-12 inches of snow in the DelMarVA area.”

The southern part of our state doesn’t call itself “SoVA”. Not sure why we say “NoVA”. Just lazy I guess. Might have something to do with the fact that Richmond, the Capitol is the center of political power, but NoVA is the big economic center.


I’m used to hearing DelMarVa. But I had never heard NoVa before. I’ve got a friend here who grew up in Boston England. He was talking to a friend of mine back home. He had no idea there was a Boston in England. He only knew of Boston Massachusetts. And he was always good at geography when we were in high school.


Ha! Most Massholes don’t realize that almost every town and city in New England was named after a place in Old England. Boston. Waltham. Wrentham, Hull, Gloucester…even Plymouth.


Brandywine, MD.


Indeed. But I just figured my friend Jimmy would have known that. It made me cringe and it made Simon (from old Boston) laugh. Haha.


I thought the same thing about del/mar/VA when I first moved to delaware. Like wth is that place…lol.


North Carolina!


35 days sober, Yorkshire, England


I’m from Houston Texas too. Are you still clean or using. I’m 1 month sober


I am from Mumbai - India
Anyone here from Mumbai?


Kentucky born and raised spent 4yrs Camp Pendleton California


Me too :wave:t3::wave:t3::wave:t3:


From Spain


New York to Peterborough is quite an adjustment I would imagine.


Netherlands, near Amsterdam :grinning:


Ohio 216


At first it was. The first year I lived here I was determined not to use English words and phrases. But it was a matter of sink or swim… so I went with the flow. :slight_smile:


Loved visiting your country in 2013. Spent 10 days there, mostly in Barcelona. Girona was a fascinating place. Walking those winding streets, the higher you walk, the further back in time you go. And paella…I am a fiend for the stuff, and could get it everywhere. So hard to find a place that serves it where I live, let alone a good one.