Where is everyone from?


I am from Kenai, Alaska. Originally from Barrow,Alaska but was adopted and grew up on the Kenai Peninsula.


Wow! Looks beautiful!


It is so beautiful here…can’t wait for summer with the long days of sunshine and fun.


I freaking love Alaska, such beautiful country out there!


NW Suburbs of Chicago. 136 days clean today. fuck opiates!


Colorado Springs Colorado


ROME, New York.


Beautiful pic


I’m from Germany and I love this app and you guys are so helpful. Thank you and all the best to all.


Skåne, Sweden :sweden:


Austin, Texas :arrow_upper_left:(^ω^):arrow_upper_right:


Marine Corps?

My brother-in-law was stationed there.


Currently in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

But my hometown is San Francisco. I also lived sober in Los Angeles and Scottsdale, Arizona.


I love that city. Went 2 years ago.


Yeah it’s actually really cool. GREAT recovery community.

The South side reminds me of SF quite a bit.


Small town in SE Minnesota called Spring Grove.1300 people. We are known for our soda :slight_smile:


It’s so much fun. Glad you enjoyed your time here!


Lakes Region of Maine, USA


Im from Fort Wayne, Indiana, but i now reside in Wichita, Kansas for 3 years now :laughing:


The frozen tundra that is Syracuse NY. Go Orange! Originally from Pittsburgh PA, with a stop in Laramie Wyoming and brief stints in Albany and Saranac Lake NY.