Where is everyone from?


Johannesburg South Africa.


The LOU 314 :ok_hand:


Help this old not so hip guy…the LOU 314?


Sheffield, England


I grew up in Bath, went there boating and fishing a lot growing up.


@Bill_Phillips The coast is beautiful, as is all of Maine. But I’ve had enough of winter !
I’m in Bridgton. Hubby’s never lived outside that zip code… lol. He’s a local​:wink::grin:


Colorado Springs! I’ve been watching Dr. Qwinn Medicine woman all winter on Amazon which has its setting in Colorado Springs…haha. Love the older shows…helps winter go by!


…lol Me too?


I’m a transplant from near San Francisco to Pittsburgh. I LOVE the 412! Although it’s a really difficult city to be a recovering alcoholic. I never had an issue with opiates but I know it’s even harder to be recovering from pills here. But other than that, I love the blue collar attitude here. And the cheap living (compared to Cali).


New York, USA!


I visited Pittsburgh last August and I am in love with that city now. No one ever says “one day I hope to visit Pittsburgh” but really they should. It’s such a lovely place.

LOL - one day, my daughters and I tried to see if we could count all the bridges in our immediate view. I think we got to like 7 or something but some were hidden from the view because of other bridges. I’ve never seen so many bridges!!




Yeah, when decided to move here it was because I made a few friends online who went to film school here. Sounded super cool to me at the time. I didn’t know crap about this city! Never went to film school but was so glad I moved from day one!

You should see the madness that is restructuring the bridges! Makes you think twice before crossing one. Which is impossible, you ALWAYS have to cross a bridge, or three.


What part of Pittsburgh, I grew up in a small town called Evans City about 35 mins north of the city.


I live in Bloomfield, in the city proper. I know where Evans City is but I’ve never been there.


North of Dallas Texas


Trust me you ain’t missing much. I hung out in Bloomfield a few times in my drinking days. Had some good times haha.


Spend many time at the Jackalope and ginger man…and well a million other bars. My friend lived in the red river district for years so I always went down for 3 weeks of SXSW. Great times…the ones I remember.


Yeah, I moved into the apartment I live in because I didn’t want to leave my watering holes. Now I’m paying way too much and I don’t give a shit about the bars. Haha, oh the stupid shit we do!


Yeah that neighborhood is becoming gentrified so I’d imagine rent is going up.