Where is everyone from?


Hey I’m in Wichita monthly usually. I usually hit the RIP meeting when I roll in to ict.


Oh the construction! April showers brings may construction cone flowers. Before that? Potholes, potholes, and SSOOOOOOO many wicked, death dealing potholes!

It is so damn hard to get clean and stay clean in this city. The only thing I’ve got going for me is that opiods have never been my DOC. If I remember correctly that was yours? The few people I know who tried to get clean from them moved far away. Unfortunately one of them came back about 6 months ago and has kind of disappeared. We know she’s not dead, but nothing else. Sucks.

I have lived in Bloomfield for around ten years and I wish I could move. Even to just another section of the city, even just a few blocks toward friendship. Being two blocks from my two home bars is uncomfortable. I don’t walk around here because I don’t trust my feet to take me safely to and from Liberty ave. And my rent is super expensive!

I really hope you have a great plan in hand if and when you do move back. Like… A) don’t go to Bloomfield! Never knew such a small place could be such a black market drug store! But I’m sure you are missing your life here. I do absolutely love this city, despite all the craziness!


What’s RIP meeting mean


Recovery In Progress it’s a C.A. meeting. It’s a good group. At the 9:30 pm it’s a younger crowd but still solid. If you are into meetings? Trudgers is also good.


Philadelphia :slight_smile:


los angeles, ca :parasol_on_ground:

wow, i can’t believe we’ve all come from so many interesting parts of the world and connected in one space!


I’m French Canadian ! Quebec, Canada ! :smiley:


North Carolina


Waterbury, Connecticut soon to be sunny Sarasota Florida!!


Westchester ny but soon to be Athens Greece


216? Cleveland? I’m in Columbus


Yea that was my DOC but yea I’m moving back when I get some some time, learn how to stay clean and get some discernment. But I’m from the south hills so I’ll probably move closer to the city like Brentwood or something like that. In due time though.


Well it definately seems like you are doing really well where you are. I’ve read about the guys you live with and the newer guys that y’all help out and it sounds like you’ve found a great way to move forward in your recovery! I undersrand that opiate addiction is something very unique and that recovery is as well. Seems like taking this time away from people and places is doing you a world of good. Haha, don’t be too eager to get back to this madhouse.


You have read about us? Hmm and yea it is going really good I just like hate the actual town I live in … but the recovery and relationships are great. We will see what happens I’m in no rush atm.


You posted about the new kid that was using. That’s what I read. Haha, wasn’t a novel or anything.


Saint paul, MN


Hello from Arizona also!!


Born and raised in Ohio, USA now live in Sioux City, Iowa, USA


I grew up in Evans City just north of Pittsburgh. Where are you living now?


Sunny Arizona (edit… thought this was a whole other thread… sorry for the repeat lol)