Who has an addiction to crystal?

I’m 21 days sober and am still scared of the word “forever”. Can anyone give me a word of advise, etc in battling this crazy addiction. Thanks!

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No one cares about forever…

Let that idea go as far away from you as possible!!
Seriously… get it totally out of your head!!!

Worry about today. You will not use today.
You can worry about tomorrow… tomorrow!

Not to sound too morbid. But the fact is real. Tomorrow may not even be there. Don’t waste your energy on it today!


I can’t and won’t promise anyone that I will never drink again.

I know that I shouldn’t ever drink again. I know that it is always worse and never better. That is a solid fact that is proven again and again.

But the fact is none of us can promise forever. It may even be a bad idea to attempt to promise forever.

Can anyone with experience in fighting stimulant addiction give this man some original advice? Come on!
Look so I abused almost every major drug I was probably even slipped meth a couple times a drug I avoided like the plague because I believed I personally wouldn’t come back from it and it’d take way too long to recover from. I’m not going into all the problems they’ve caused me but I’ll try to give you some useful advice.
So 21 days is damn impressive. You’ve got the right idea by trying to find other people who are going through the same thing as you are. I’m pretty damn frightened by the idea of forever too. But don’t you want to just feel good from normal things? Its meth do you really want to see yourself as a hopeless meth addict for the rest of your life? Was that who you were meant to be? What happened man? Didn’t you have aspirations growing up? You’re looking at forever the wrong way. It’s the damn meth that’s never-ending. It never changes(it does tho it always takes more) You’re freaking out because you need it but you know you really don’t need it. You’re pissed at yourself for even thinking of buying it. It never brings anything truly good into your life. So I’m sorry I didn’t get your post there at first. I’d like to hear more from you. Oh and I still have some advice
To get back to the way you were before you used its going to take about a year and a half of sobriety from meth, planning, and a TON of fortitude. WATCH OUT for those thoughts that talk you into using I used to plan out my responses to those arguments before they happened. Yes with myself. I actually advise you to look up info on PAWS, what meth does to the body and thought processes, or anything that will keep you thinking about how much meth messed things up for you. I’m sure you hate the drug already I’m saying hate it more. If going back to the people is a problem hate the people. I’m talking about a scorched earth policy here leave nothing behind. I don’t recommend watching drug documentaries those give a slight high no kidding and they can be a big trigger. If you can work out hell just do a few sets of pushups a day you ought to create more things you enjoy and look forward to so you can get your dopamine system back in line. Definitely stay as busy as possible. Try doing more things to relax. Burn incense, make tea, or a chill playlist. Establish types of calming rituals throughout the day. At least you aren’t going through this in prison that one helped me. Counseling is good and psychiatry is too if you have racing thoughts, psychosis, or a mental illness. Dude just whatever happens please don’t relapse on that drug it’s hell. Not everyone can quit meth but I’ll bet you can.

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Forever scares the shit out of me aswel. We can’t change anything about yesterday and we don’t know what’ll happen tomorrow, so just keep your focus on today. Doesnt matter if you’ve been clean for six hours or six years, the battle starts every morning and ends every night. Today is all that matters! Keep it up, stay strong!

Having goals this time has made me stay off it for longer and revisiting them all the time. Having a job that I like helps because I want to keep it. And being on that shit I will probably loose it. Still hard every day but slowly I’m seeing the progress. Also journaling and writing down my small achievements. Gym has helped with my anger and frustrations. All the best. It’s the worst just keep going forward!

Also keep away people you use to use with and places that remind you off it. Stay away from stressors if you can. Going to a psychology once a week has helped me emensly. She puts a lot of faith in me and I do t want to let her down and all the hard work we are doing. Find a good psychologist. I was lucky to find one l think I owe my life to her. Otherwise I’d probably be dead now. Sorry to be grim. It’s a hard drug. But it’s possible to get off it. And start fresh!


Man i also abused every,literally every substance + hard core drinking combos and found out that i really didnt have a problem , i had a hugeeee problem but somehow now it seems easier that i didnt have a favorite (alchohol in essence was what i really focus on now cause it was a constant) Any thought on that( i have a feeling now that i wasnt addicted on any substance cause i used them all) I belive its hard as hell but go for it man , you can do it but separate yourself from everyone thats ok with you having that problem