Who to trust?

Simple scenario : Youtube addiction ruining growth and life, currently trying to fight it for a couple month or a year but kept failing. Mind starting to doubt own abilities and starting to consider askign others. Mind also paranoid and isn’t sure about sharing even to friends, parents, and teachers. What to do? :expressionless:

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Share. You will be surprised how liberating it actually is.
And yes, we do need help in this journey.
Stick around on here.


Addictions florish by secrets, so open up. It helps!


Just made a quick reflection, I’m just being paranoid. I’m scared that their reaction will either hurt my image or hurt my feelings more than it helps, so I’m too selective with those I vent to…

Huh, paranoia…

It’s not paranoia you have a right to feel these reservations if you have a hard time trusting yourself too.

Others can say what they want, we have to distinguish between what we feel and believe and what others perceive and believe.

This being said, getting support is a game changer and if you can afford professional help, this can help a lot. Even with this we need to make our own minds up.

It’s a journey of learning how to connect so it needs practice and patience and self trust :sparkles:


Remember, those are “thoughts”, not “facts”. You have the ability to control your thoughts.


I think we have the most horrible conversations in our own mind and get so worried and stressed, when the reality is likely quite different. I know in your mind you feel like you can’t trust friends, parents, and teachers, but the truth is probably the opposite. These are the people who love and care for you the most. Perhaps a stranger on the street might think poor thoughts about you…but who cares what a stranger thinks? I know I spent FAR too many years worrying about what image I was putting out to the world. I thought I was trying make myself a better person but really I was preventing myself from becoming my authentic person.

I think by trusting other people you DO run the risk of them disappointing you…but the possible gains far outweigh the the potential disappointments. Putting yourself out there is really the best thing you can do.


No 1 trust yourself first. A lot of the time our gut feeling is correct. So if you dont feel comfortable with someone there is a reason. Secondly start small don’t feel the need to let someone know your whole life story and greatest secrets. Trust is built slowly and you will find the right people to confide in.