Whose not afraid to admit their an alcoholic or drug addict?

I cant live with myself some days… I seriously think that im doing good but who doesn’t have slip ups here and there? Do u consider that cheating on urself?? If so do u really start over on this app? When u may have worked soooo hard that u would hate to have to do that to urself and maybe u have told friends about ur progress…and now!!! Ur lying to ppl u want to b proud of u, and cheating urself!!! Such pressure right!!! Trust me i hear ya!!! Wth do we do when this happens??? HELP!!!

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I haven’t had a slip in the 2.5 years I’ve been actively focusing on my sobriety. I had 2 relapses before that and they certainly counted. If I don’t start my counter over if I slipped I’d just be giving myself permission to do it again.


I haven’t used a drug or alcohol since October 10, 2016. I’m still recovering, the substances were just a symptom of my unwell spiritual state. I have slips in my faith in God now, I have slips in anger, manipulation, lying. Those are my slips, not only are they slips, but they are a slap in the face to the Higher Power who has given me so much in a life. I have to grow in those slips, if I lie to someone else about them, I’m not lying to them, I am lying to ME and God.


Dust yourself off and start all over, honestly thats the only thing you can do, I am on 88 days today and even tho its a struggle from time to time. I wouldn’t change it for the world, Its weird sometimes because I am not use to being sober but its a good weird. I think everyone has it in them to quit, it just comes down to do they really want to quit. If you really want to change you will but if you don’t it doesn’t matter your age, you can be 100 years old you still won’t change. People do it for alot of reason and thats cool but I think you should do it for yourself, treat yourself good, let the other people see your changes you never know, you might just inspire one of your friends. Stay safe and sober

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Knock on wood that I haven’t relapsed. You know, coming here every day reminds me of that. Far to often I’ve seen people post their relapses on this Forum and I commend em for that. It takes a lot of cojones to admit when one fucked up and it reminds me that no one is perfect in this journey. Don’t be afraid to admit your faults because by admitting your faults.


I’m not afraid to admit it. I’ve been trying to get off using on and off (mostly off), and this time I’m doing very well, thanks to the support of NA and the people on this forum (and myself, obviously). One day at a time, just for today.

I believe the most important thing in recovery is being honest with yourself. I don’t see myself staying clean if I can’t be honest with myself or my Higher Power. If I slipped up and wouldn’t start at zero again I’d feel guilty, phony, worthless even… and all those kind of feelings make me want to use again. It’s a vicious circle.

It’s about progress, not perfection. I wouldn’t consider cheating on myself as beneficial to my recovery. The cheating is a thing of the ego and the ego is connected to addiction. There’s no problem in falling down. I would respect myself a lot more if I “failed” and would be honest and admit that (even if that meant being an active user for all of my life), than to cheat on myself and pretend I’m recovering while I’m actually not and hating myself for it.


When I first really actually honestly tried getting sober I was putting check marks on a calendar every day that I drank. I went from three days, to a week, to eighteen days, twenty one days. Then I started to go in reverse. Twenty five days, nineteen, fifteen, eight, four, none. I had to see it all. See how much damage I was actually doing. How much I was really drinking. It helped me to have that visual as opposed to always just hitting a button and going back to zero.
It’s easy to be hard on ourselves. We are our own biggest critic. But when I looked at the calendar I could see all the days that I didn’t drink and I could be proud of myself. I could be proud that for the very first time I went a week without drinking. I could be proud that I had the ambition to even start recovery.
I’m not afraid to admit that I have a drinking problem, but I’d rather choose to focus my energy on admitting that I’m doing a damn good job at recovering and being my best self that I can be.
Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just by being here you’re doing more good for yourself than you’re giving yourself credit for. Just keep trying. Try to learn something new every time that you mess up and then use that to beat it the next time that you’re tempted. There’s a lot to learn by failing, but as long as you learn something from it, and apply your newfound knowledge, then it wasn’t really a fail at all.

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We get HONEST…who are you cheating if you don’t nobody but yourself…once you practice honestly other parts of you your life will start making more sense and recovery becomes possible.its not easy but it never was easy using.tajecate keep honest​:rainbow::blossom:

It’s not preasure it’s recovery, hell if we could all give up on day one then there would be no such thing as addiction. People who care about you only wants what best for you so if you think they are judging you or are disappointed in you it’s bc you feel this about yourself and you are projecting it outwards towards them and it’s bouncing of them and coming straight back at you hard. My friends family and work colleagues get told about all my relapses, we laugh about it bc they don’t see my failures bc I don’t believe in my failures, they see my trying and they see my struggle and they see my efforts bc I share it all. They ask how I am doing and are involved in my journey. So show people how much you want it until the day you finally get it, your success will feel magnified bc turns out at the end of the day you never did fail after all.


Before this current sober journey i definately tried and failed many many times, all because I was too shamed/proud/embarrassed etc of what I was dealing with.
So i booked the Dr app, and he looked at me and said but i didnt think alcohol was the problem, so i told him the real amount i was consuming, he said ok if your ready i can provide you woth a plan of action, contacts for support etc, he then called me 2 days later to check in and again today (day 16). Relapses are there to show us what we need to work on, we just need to keep learning from them. :hugs::hugs:


I feel like it’s a lot easier to lie to others than to yourself, I have been tempted to not restart my calendar when I’ve messed up but the only person I’d be mistreating is myself, I’m on day 10 today, my first ever time with double digits and I refuse to put that calendar back to day 1! In the past I’ve definitely tried to not drink for other people and have never lasted, it’s only because I knew that this time I was and am doing it for myself that I’m sticking to it, as much as it’s tempting I think you should always start again and re set if you do relapse, for yourself more than anyone X


I am not a drug or alcohol addict. I’m a gaming addict. I am 100% certain that a slip up isn’t as “significant” as for alcohol/drugs, because there’s fewer physical consequences. But I know I must never ever game/YouTube/twitch again. I haven’t ever relapsed (yet), nor planning on doing so, so I don’t have any personal experience. But I know that if you slip up that you got to come clean, take responsibility towards others, but especially to yourself. If you continue lying, you don’t get out of the habit of lying. When your clean, it isn’t just working on not using, it is about working on yourself, increasing your standards and stopping the bad behaviours(lying, manipulating, aggression, not taking responsibility, playing the victim, etc…). It is hard, but it’s so fucking worth it.
You can’t consume your drug of choice once. That is a relapse. You are not strong enough to drink once. However I do believe you are strong enough to do this. You can eventually love yourself again. You can do anything as long as you stay sober. If you ever think you can’t do something say to yourself “YES I CAN”(unless it’s using once, then fucking don’t).

I hope this helps you. I have faith in you. Good luck.