Why am I so hungry?


Does anyone else feel much hungrier since kicking the bottle? I am craving horrible food and i really want a cupcake… I haven’t eaten a cupcake in over a year. Omg I’m soooooo hungry


Lol. Well your body is trying to replace the empty calories. My thoughts are a few dozen cupcakes are a heck of a lot better than so many days with a bottle. So treat yourself as needed it will pass. But then again I still have 20 pounds I want to loose :blush:.


I had 3 cherry cupcakes with icing on Sunday. I haven’t stopped eating sweet things in the year since I gave up the booze @Anyabear30 - luckily I’ve got a very physical job for 8 months of the year.
It stopped last week.
If I don’t get to the gym I’m doomed!


I’m eating everything lol 2 days in :joy:


Depending on what you were drinking you’re probably experiencing serious swings in blood sugar :slight_smile: I, strangely enough, craved milk, which actually has quite a bit of sugar. Those blood sugar drops can make you feel really hungry. Totally normal


Eat the cupcake, but also eat veggies and high quality protein like eggs. Your body is craving the sugars that it used to get from alcohol.

I pretty much eat a paleo diet, and did so even when drinking. I still eat paleo, but today was craving a caramel chip frappe from DQ. I let myself have it. Did the trick. Sugar craving gone, and now I don’t feel like eating dinner. Calorie wise it’s a wash


It will pass as your body gets used to no alcohol. You may actually lose weight. You can drink more calories than you can eat. A can of regular coke and a slice of cheesecake are about the same, calorie wise…cheesecake…dang it…now I want some NY style cheesecake.


I’ve managed at least a dozen quarts of ice cream and a load of horrible fast food in 59 days and didn’t spend nearly as much as I would of on booze. And I’m finally back at work so I can burn it all off now. Hooray for everything.

Now I want cupcakes.


I am eating like it is going out of fashion. Trying to do a juice detox but keep falling off the wagon…so frustrating.

I swear it is worse than my sobriety withdrawals…98days. No alcohol I can handle, but ones gotta eat, and therein lies the rub.

I’ve always had a “wholesome appetite”, love cooking and all that. Good thing I love exercising too or matters would be much worse.

I’m trying to not to be too hard on myself as I contend with a nasty separation on top of normal everyday stuff. I’m sure I’m not alone in this type of battle.

I just have to keep adjusting and moving forward. I don’t want to become a sober sumo wrestler :flushed:


Ya I went from eating one meal a day to 3 meals a day and snacks, it just hit me without warning one day, eventually get it under control once I have been alcohol free a little longer.


I started a cleanse the day I quit drinking so that is helping me loads…however I’ll be done with it tonight and then the cravings will begin again haha. A cupcake is better than a drink at least.


Yep I know the feeling. I did a 90 day juice detox earlier this year and felt great. But a few weeks going back to my “normal ways”, I blacked out during a drinking session which bloody scared me. So I quit, there and then.

I did a TOWS(Threats-Opportunities-Weaknesses-Strength) analysis today, to try get myself out of this food hole. Really helpful exercise, I feel more focused and on track for today…fingers crossed. I actually think my body is panicking at losing its last bodily addiction.ha

This post came at a good time x

Enjoy your cupcake. I wouldn’t mind a chocolate Lamington.


I had some pumpkin swirl cheesecake at work last night mmmmm


Alcohol and it’s carrier (the wine or beer or mixers) are very much sugar based. Your body has had that for how many months and years? Just like anything else, it’s used to it.


I like coco almonds. Pretty healthy and it cuts the cravings for sugar.


Yeah sugar cravings kick in cos booze has a shed load in it. Just give in for abit treat ur self u deserve it


:persevere: lol I had a vegan cupcake yesterday and it was freaking magical!


You’re absolutely right about that! Thanks for the tip


Thank you :blush:


Gosh that sounds really good!