Why am I so hungry?


Wow, I’m happy that your okay, and figured out what works for you!


I felt my body panicking last night but I took a sleeping pill and slept it off. I can’t wait to be “normal” again.


Oh girl I said forget it and ate a cupcake lol


Lol, fingers crossed that you harness the motivation to get a gym. I was never a “sweets eater” so this is strange as he’ll to me.


Lmao🤣 mood for the past 19 days


Same here! Never any interest, especially in cup cakes, what the?!


Also have you noticed you eat sugar when depressed? Your body trying to get that quick bump of energy to snap you out of it.
Same w Coffee or Monster. That caffeine kick. Get a coffee w lots of sugary creamer…then you can be depressed at a faster rate :0/


When we come off of all that drinking, our stomach and metabolism takes some time to readjust. Alcohol contains lots of empty calories and the body will process the calories from the alcohol first before digesting the food in the stomach. Its one of the reason alcohol screws up our digestion so bad and it can actual lead to malnourishment.

I had a huge appitite when i first quit drinking. Its normal. The body is adjusting to less calories. Over time gradually reduce to regular meals and some weight should fall off too.

I hope this helps some.


This question is right up my alley. I eventually started to have a voracious appetite. If was filled with sugar and carbs I was going to eat it.

Someone in a meeting and in passing told me to eat plenty of chocolate as it somewhat controls the craving for alcohol.

As a alcoholic I took that to a extreme and became a big fat cookie monster.

I may be fat but I am not drinking.


This is what I have tonight… I’m sharing so I don’t eat it all myself lol


Lmao, right it’s so weird.


:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: that looks so good!! I’m sooo greedy :sob::sob: lol


OMFG! This is so weird, I seriously have been eating chocolate with spicy chili’s, almonds and sea salt to curb my cravings. Who ever suggested chocolate is a genius because it helps in a huge way!


Lol, I failed to read the “cookie monster part” due to getting excited with the chocolate suggestion. I will ration out my snacks accordingly :rofl:


Definitely does, and makes sense. Thank you


I’m just on Day 2 and all I’ve managed to do today is eating (and reading). It was all healthy food but now I’m craving for a pizza :cry::cry::cry:


Alcohol converts into sugar when its digested. So when you kick the bottle, you crave sugar. Infact it is my personal belief that there were many times i thought i was craving alcohol but was Infact only craving the sugar. I can’t tell you how many times i got the urge to drink to go away by having an ice cream or big bowl of reeses puffs. Also, why would your body crave a toxin? Now when we talk about physical dependency withdrawals yes it does actually need the alcohol. But outside of that, and this is just anecdotal/ a guess, but the cravings outside of withdrawals and dependency are psychological. In other words outside of those two factors your body itself isnt going to crave poison. Its the sugar.
Now days im working towards eating healthy sources of sugars. But i can never say no to a cream cheese brownie. Omnomnom