Why did i talkto her she makes me want to drink my sorrows away

She would rather the street than me and my kids why dosent she want us

Hi Adrian. Are you doing okay? You sound extremely upset right now. Do you need to talk?

Please ishould have never talked to me wife

She comes and goes leaving me with my kids for a life on the streets

I’m not sure what was said or what happened but it sounds like you need to breathe, stop thinking so much, get a glass of ice water and count to ten. Step one… Take care of you.


You can’t control other people’s actions or make their decisions. But you can make yours :heart:

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Yeah i know its just she was strung out for awhile she runs back to the streets for days at a time and i miss her now she says shes not coming back to me or my kids

It sounds to me like she’s got a different agenda now. How many babies do you have?

I wish i was strong enough to walk away it so hard ive been with for fifteen years since high school no i have no one

I have six kids from 3 ro 17

You have a housefull! I have five myself. I know how juggling lots of babies can be.


I want her love so bad when she is sober shes awsome and she run into an old friend and thats it the dope makes her paranoid and we fight she leaves

And you aren’t alone. It’s painful at first.

Have you tried any counseling with her? Is she willing to go?

I chose to stop drinking again two days ago because iwas drinking for a week straight and everything started to fall apart again and i saw it

When she is sober she will do anything for me and the kids

Yes drinking doesn’t solve any problems. They’re still there when you sober up. It was smart of you to stop.

And the last thing your children need are two absent parents for sure.

I am so sorry you’re going through this, i hope you find the strength to get through it. Walking away from her will be really hard but you need to put yourself and kids before anyone. It’s a difficult situation and no one can tell you what to do, only you’ll know at the back of your mind what’s best. Maybe a therapist will be best for you, start one day at a time. There’s nothing to say to make you feel better but know there’s always someone here or anywhere who you can go to for help or comfort.


Yes i saw that i wasnt there for my kids i cant stop once i start and then i went back to all day drinking and knew i had to stop because i didnt want to go through withdrawal again