Why do i want to "get out of it"?

I am just looking for advice from the community…

I have only ever had an alcohol problem but i have tried all other drugs once or twice but not heroin and a lot of weed…

I am off the booze 40 days now but i am getting urges not for drinking per se… but just to “get out of it” you know? Whether that “out of it” is hammered drunk or trippin balls on shrooms doesnt matter… i just feel like i need an escape from reality. I just feel an incredible desire to be off my face… out of it… just wasted somehow.

Why do i feel this need. When is it going to stop and how do i fight it. I dont like it here please someone get me out of here.

By the way i am completely sober of everything for 40 days.

I dont want to drink. I just want to be wasted.

40 days is amazing! I can’t wait until I’m there

Yeah its great fun. Thanks.

It sounds to me like you have been self medicating. We get off the intoxicating substances but we still need to find out why we wanted to get intoxicated in the first place and work on that. THAT is how one becomes sober rather than just dry.

Do you do meetings? Can you see a therapist? Is there a close person you can talk openly with? If not there is always the people here.

I think you need to really experience these feelings to help you find the reason why they are there. Don’t give in to them. I know you can do it.


@Quitter. I think that escape is what all of us tried to live in. Me myself I know if I find something that gives me the numb feeling I will try to chase it all over again. What I think is you need to identify why you need to escape. What are you trying to hide from? I don’t know if you are working a program but I suggest it. It gets better a lot better. But I won’t kid I have the moments when I get the thought it would be nice to just… but I don’t allow myself to stay there it would be to dangerous for me. I’m just over 7 months and I don’t feel I need to run away from anything anymore and seldom deal with those thoughts but I’m an addict so I know they are just waiting for a moment of weakness, that’s why I do so much to maintain


I dont go to meetings and im not a therapist attending kind of guy if that makes sense.

Yeah i do not know why i used to get hammered all the time. All i do know is i enjoyed being wasted.

My guess is that you are having discomfort in some way…you crave something or you are trying to avoid something. You use alcohol to break the bond between you and the discomfort.

Another way to deal with the discomfort is to practice acceptance in life. Be content with your life and you wont crave things or want to avoid things.


Yep, I here ya. There’s nothing quite like that feeling and I haven’t found anything to replace it.

I think we all feel this need, and at times it can take a while to get passed it. When I explained this to another sober friend of mine, she has 3 years now, she said that we all kind of go through a state of mourning. Sometimes you just want to escape reality, and journaling, exercise, meditation, whatever, really isn’t going to cut it. I don’t have any advice besides lame stuff you’ve probably heard before.

It is uncomfortable, the feels are icky, but it will pass. Distraction is your friend right now.


I am tired i think i will sleep on this one and think about it deeply with a rested head. I will read othet replies first thing in the morning. Thank you all.


I totally get it. I love being drunk off my arse. It doesn’t love me. The hangover, the wasted money, the dubious decisions, feeling off mentally for days, the regret.

It’s an easy escape but I’m trying to teach myself there are other escapes. I’m only three days in from relapsing again but I’ve learned a little more each time.

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I have tried countless times being sober. And I agree, escaping from reality is what drives my addiction and relapses. Not wanting to deal with uncomfortable feelings and situations. I’m looking into more intensive treatments because I can’t stop relapsing

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