Why does everything work against you when things start going right?

Here’s a rant

The week started out so good… I got early starts and worked hard and made good progress on tasks at work and chores at home and PAINTED FOR RELAXATION and even the gym, which I’ve been slacking about. Then Wednesday comes and BAM the whole universe is suddenly against me.

My car broke down, I had a panic attack at the grocery, I dropped a cup of fucking water all over my desk with my laptop, I reset my counter twice, I got ghosted by a girl I was talking to and my employer came back saying I need to refile my taxes and they just sent me a corrected W2 because they fucked that up and I’m going to owe a good chunk of money back that I don’t have, my boss has missed a progress meeting with me two weeks in a row after today and wonders why I’m emailing him with so many questions, and my telephone appointment with my doctor about seeing a therapist that I’ve had scheduled for 6 weeks was cancelled 20 minutes beforehand - and they don’t have any availability until May, and on top of everything else, I’m out of fucking ice cream

What the actual fuck

I’m never gonna try to fix my life again if this is the kind of shit the universe shoves my head into the minute I come up for air


And who will that show?

Breathe. Take things one day at a time. Yay a lot of shit is coming your way but not more than you can handle.

Try for each problem list two courses of action you can take


Life can do all these things sober or not…Try to persevere as best you can…


I feel this. Stay the course.


There’s always a storm coming man, build your arc! Like you said, when it rains it fucking pours. I’m in a badass storm right now too - it’s leaky, planks are flying every which way, but all I think about is plugging holes, bailing water, and making hay when the sun shines again. Respect for posting your relapse, takes courage to admit that. You got this!


Sorry but your rant made me giggle and brightened my day. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one this kind of serial shit storm happens to. I won’t go into details, but, the last 2 months have been pretty crappy, with brief sunny periods, but, as they say this to shall pass. Try and stay strong and think of the positives in your life and if you can try and change a ‘defeat’ into a ‘victory’. I hope your Easter weekend turns out better than last week, take care and have fun


Which of these things are things that you can change? Which are outside your control?


That’s a full-size shit storm. However, it’s not karma, it’s just life and it happens regardless of us having good/bad time.

If you’re letting outside circumstances be parameters for your mental well-being, you’re in for a hurricane. You can find peace and stability even in the midst of a shit storm. Some ways for that are counting your blessings (= being grateful) and the serenity prayer, like mephi suggested above :point_up:t2: I know this is easier said than done.


Maybe you are just more aware? Because this stuff seems to happen regardless. I will give a couple of examples from last week… (I know tax methods are different around the world) but my employer took the wrong tax off me, so my tax code has changed and so I have to pay more tax this year.

An idiot set off a dry powder fire extinguisher in my unit by accident covering everything in dust.

The next day, the same idiot dropped a foam extinguisher which covered my desk, my dog, me and my computer in foam…

My car is dying, I am hoping it will last a few days longer, but to add insult to injury, the place I bought my car from was in a local newst

#* Yorkshire Motor Village: Dewsbury car dealer pleads guilty to selling unsafe vehicles

A Dewsbury-based car dealership faced court last week following a Trading Standards investigation*#

The only thing missing is being ghosted by a girl… But at least you got to speak to one before being ghosted…

As it is a couple of decades since I spoke to a girl (and that was the last conversation with my last wife), you are ahead in the game and I am still mildly envious :grin:.

Just take heart and tell the universe to go forth and multiply.

Although new here, I am finding that the universe does seem determined to make us reconsider the desire to stop the drug-of-no-choice. But from what I have read, it seems that it is not the universe doing this; but the addiction using these events to weaken our resolve.

Stay strong and keep at it :+1:


It’s unfortunate for all that to come crashing down after a good day. That’s how life goes a lot of the time, but I think it’s the chaotic energy of not being in the flow of good things yet, if that makes sense. Energy is very real and the subconscious often manifests things on accident when we aren’t in control of our energy. but I also want to say that I think it’s super common for people to fuck up their W2 so you’re def not alone in that lol.


This too. It is SO much easier to focus on the negative bc it seems to affect us much more than the two seconds of happiness were often granted once in awhile :joy:

There is always a positive…
For example, I have not spoken to my ex wife for 20 years :rofl:


I got ice cream, that’s a start :slight_smile:


Thanks for commiserating, dear friends

A good night’s sleep and a sick day from work later… Everything seems manageable enough.

I love you guys :heart: