Why is this so hard

Why does relapes make you feel so low on yourself? Im addicted to meth. 16months ago i graduated from 6months of rehab and i learnt so mucb! I realised alot! 3days before a year sober i relapsed and i havent stopped. Im so filthy on myself I know what to do i know life is amazing of the crap! :frowning: the only dofferance this time is im not in rehab. Theres gotta be a easier way!? Help.

You already know you can do it. Get back to the basics- meetings, routine, the steps, service work and find a sponsor. You got this. :grinning:


Im still doing all that… i mean im falling into debt really quick but arghh i wish i didnt have that 1!!

Back to the basics, back to what got you sober.

It’s hard because we develop an emotional attachment to our drink or drug, it becomes our coping mechanism for when life isn’t perfect. When things don’t go as planned, that addictive voice gets stronger and offers you a way out/a quick fix. Gotta accept that it’s not for you, gotta accept life on life’s terms because there are a million variables that’ll throw a monkey wrench into your plans.

I think thats why its so hard this time round. I know all that i know like is anazing without it. I was always happy i hadnt cryed in nearly a year! I got my kids back my own place my own furnuture. And look at me. Im lying to tmmy family that have stood by me. Im lying to myself

You got comfortable. Never forget why you quit in the first place, never forget the tragic and desperate things you did while using. Always play the tape through to the ugliest part of your addiction


There isn’t. The easy path leads to failure. The easy path leads to excuses. It’s the hard path, the disciplined path that leads to life.

Decide to be strong, and then work to become strong. Decide to be happy and then work to be happy. Decide to be clean and sober, and then work to be clean and sober.

Decide whether or not being free from addiction is important. If it’s important, you will find a way. If it isn’t, you will find an excuse.


Thankyou. I will!

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