Why this happens

Continuing the discussion from Balance 2020:

I’m reading post of what I care about to people oh dont like me drinking and they say I dont want to hear this. But they dont want me to drink but seems like they dont want to support me either. WHY?


For the moment don’t think about other people. Early sobriety is about healing, and others are not responsible for that. You are.

You have been living with the chaos and disorder or addiction for years. It has distorted your thinking and your feelings. You have work to do to learn how to feel and think in healthy ways, before you can work on relationships with other people.

Welcome friend! Keep posting & never give up :innocent:


They may not trust you yet. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. Concentrate on making good decisions and try to connect with positive people.


Have you ever hurt someone and apologized, then hurt them again?

Have you ever said you’d be better, then you weren’t?

Have you ever said you’d stop drinking, then got drunk 2 days later?

Have you ever promised things would change, but they never did?

I did.

I did all these things. When I was finally ready to make real changes, do you think anyone believed me? No, they didn’t. They’ve heard me say it before, but they never saw my actions or my behavior match my words. I didn’t get support at first, a lot of us don’t. It wasn’t until my actions matched my words that people started to be open to support. It took a while to regain that trust.

Give it time.

As someone said here, if you walk 100 miles into the forest, it takes 100 miles to walk out.


I think someone really needed to hear that. Maybe lots of someones. Including me. Thanks :smirk:


It is hard for people who don’t have a problem with alcohol to understand. That’s why having a recovery community like this one is so important! :blush:

As the old saying goes " what other people think of you is non of your business, its ultimately about them"…so in saying that, don’t worry about other people. They literally have nothing to do with your sobriety. You do you. When you are solid and happy, everything around you will change , including the people around you. This will happen :100: when you change, everything around you changes :pray: