Will be 50 days today

This is by far the most i have gone in a while… Some 2 years back i made it to 104 days, but i made a terrible decision to go back, its been very dark ever since, this time I want to surround myself with you lovely people, with the same goals, and same ambitions… I am truly grateful to be here, Thanks for having me.



Welcome! Congratulations on your 50 days, what a wonderful accomplishment!! Stay connected and stay strong and simply keep taking it one day at a time :dove::sun_with_face:


Congratulations on 50 days.
I also tried a few years ago and only got to about 45 days but this time is totally different, I’m willing to do some work to stay sober. This thread helps aswell as the AA meetings, which hopefully soon we can all attend meetings again.
It is very smart to surround yourself with sober people. I know it sure helps to have those like minded individuals around, even if it’s for a game night or a walk something to do together.
Again congratulations on 50 days, keep it up, it is such a better life to live.

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CONGRATULATIONS on your 50 days.
Cracking milestone to achieve.
Keep strong.
Crack on, CHAMPION!

Hey Victor, welcome! We are a crazy, dysfunctional bunch, but we got lots of love, and some weirdness, here. Stick around!

And, huge congrats on 50 days!