Will one day get it together!

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I totally get that feeling and have it now, myself. What is making you not want to open the bottles? That’s pretty impressive and why I ask.

Fill that void with something to build you up, spiritually, physically, emotionally.
Start putting you first and looking after what you need in life, what you truly want. You’ll discover a brand new you during sobriety if you put the work in!


Drugs & alcohol is a distructive lie…dont take the bait, do yourself a favor & go to Lots of AA meetings , get a good sponser with some time, and you will feel like a new man after you put together some time, one day at a time…AA works!


You’re doing well and you got this! Im currently in a living environment where i am surrounded by beer, wine, and straight liquor and i am almost 40 days strong. Whenever the urge hits, i think about how good my health is going and how much more clarity i have and i walk past it.

Congrats on your 5 days. If your goal is sobriety, I definitely suggest pouring out those bottles or boxing them up and bringing to a friend or in the bin.

It is hard in early days, no lie there. But it does get better with time. When we are older, drinking just takes a greater toll on our bodies minds and souls day after day. It is progressive. It sucks the life out of us. Sobriety can bring our light back, our confidence, energy, health and happiness.

You deserve that. Be kind to yourself. :heart:


I have to say I wish I had video of a dude like you throwing down three bottles of champagne. That visual image just makes me laugh.

Now seriously. When I decided to stop I was deathly serious about it. Don’t worry about being a failure at 57. It’s a perfect time to start something new and fun. I won’t lie the first week or so sucks bad. I’m at day 60 today and I can still feel my brain reformatting. My journey has been like a diet. The longer I’m on it the easier it is and the less I want to waste all those good diet days.

Someone posted heart, mind, body, soul. I’d add nutrition too. Fill the time you spent drinking with AA meetings, reading great books, going to the gym, starting new hobbies, get friends who are going places in life. People who get up every morning with a list of what they want to accomplish. People like that have contagious energy.

If you’re retired even better. Start a new carrier. Go back to school. Young people have great positive energy. They’re full of life.

Being in a bad spot is sometimes the best spot you can be in. All you can do is go up. Think about yourself a year from now. You’re in great shape, you have a new amazing hobby, sexy new adventurous friends, you wake up and go to bed each night excited for the day. I’m excited for your adventure get going on it!!!


Awesome words and great insight! Thank you so much! Onward and upward!

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I’m right there with you. I’m 37 and 5 days sober. I’ve never gone much more than 2 weeks in my 20+ years of drinking. You’ve got this man.

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Thanks brother. I am always in control of everything in my life so I thought. This is more embarrassing than anything. Many of my close friends and relatives have no idea that I would ever post something like this here. No one ever sees me drunk. I guess you could call me a functioning, closet drunk!? TRUTH! And let me say this truth hurts like hell!

This was not traditional champagne drinking in crystal champagne flutes, more like champagne filled to the brim in red Solo cups! Not a pretty sight at all.


Remember the hurt and use it as motivation. I was thinking last night about why I would want to go back to drinking and I was trying to be honest with myself. Besides selfish, stupid reasons, there are no good reasons to drink. I was making a pro con list in my head and I thought of tons of cons, I could not think of one honest pro. Am I scared what my friends will think when I turn down a drink? Honestly, who gives a damn. If they don’t want to be around me when I’m not drinking then they’re not my friends. I’m rooting for you brother. We’ve both got the same sober date now so I will be checking back in with you and if you want to you can do the same to me to keep me honest.


Yes thank you. Let’s definitely do this! 6 full days sober as of this morning.


6 days is great! If you havent already tossed that stuff you should. Basura! Youll feel better as time goes on and your body detoxes. Get involved with a support group, or someone mentioned taking a class. Hang in there and push yourself.


Hey there Navy, retired Marine here. 56, almost 5 years sober. Sounds to me like an opportunity, a chance to reinvent a better version of yourself. Stay sober and get after it.

Oh…and pour out that Champagne. It’s not part of the new you.


Oh man, I was thinking of champagne flutes with raspberries and Abba playing in the background. LOL. Just kidding. Solo drinking is never pretty.

Way to go on day six!!!

I have a serious issue with people being ashamed that they drink to much or whatever their vice is. The average successful guy over at the country club makes my drinking problem look like amateur hour. I’m saying this from experience.

I’m 48 years old and just about every person I’ve told I’m done drinking straight up says some version of I wish I could quit too. I’m tired of feeling like crap, there are things I want to do with my life and alcohol is holding me back. Of course there are the blow hard oh come on man you can stop….but most solid honest people by the time they reach 40 and especially 50 want more energy and more good days.

Look at yourself at 57. Navy Vet successful dude. What’s wrong with telling people who love you I’ve been drinking way to much and I’m done. What loving person on this earth is going to say screw that guy he needs to be a drunk. I’m in the same boat. Nice home, nice business, nice family etc I could achieve all that being a waste of space. My parents don’t drink, they said good for you we didn’t like you drinking anyway….

Don’t want to thread jack but you got this brother!!! I’d love to see the list of changes/action items in your days ahead….!!!

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Solid talk man! It’s like you’re inside my own brain. Besides the drunk texting and drunk phone calls late at night to people I shouldn’t be calling. I’ve had no real issues except for feeling like crap on THE DAILY! I SO APPRECIATE THESE WORDS MAN THANK YOU!!

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