Will the cravings ever leave

Hi all only been sober for my 2nd weekend but the cravings keep getting worse … Will it get any easier ? Will it get any better ? I fear I will give in soon !! Hopefully it will get easier !! Anyone got some insight into when these cravings will dissipate ? Thanks and good luck everyone with my struggles


Thanks I will keep at it and hopefully be at day 42 soon … well done to you :+1:


I’m also in day 42. The main thing for me is I don’t want to start over. The idea of being back to day 1 is kinda scary.

But yeah habits take a few weeks to settle in. It gets easier, keep pushing through. This is something for you. Treat yourself with respect.


Same here. I chug Le Croix instead of beers…that may mean I have 2-3 in me within 20 mins of being home, but that is filling the space of the 2-3 beers that would ordinarily be sittin in my belly.


I was gonna post the same question, great confused minds think alike. I’m just over 11 weeks sober this past Saturday and I wouldn’t say I still have cravings to drink I say mine are more like the urge. There’s is a difference I think mayb it’s to do with cravings being a physical pull for it where as mine are more like, hmm I really fancy going out playing pool and downing a few pints with the rest of them out there that are doing it. I tell my wife who helps me verbally fight it by backing me up on not drinking and I give it the name “raisins” shout at it and tell it to go away in a less kind way. It works after a while and so far I haven’t drank. I look for the excuses I tell her when I’m urging that I don’t think I really had a problem when I’m not urging and my mind is clear I know full well I do. It’s frustrating having to mentally battle then someone at smart meeting said they no longer count the days they don’t get the urge to drink so don’t need to do that to keep right on track…does that honestly happen? Over time will it go? Or will I just have to face that almost daily for the rest of my life I will have to shout at my raisins?

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Hi no dont mind at all alcohol is my sin … everyday now for years!! Still come home and have the urge to open one !! Just gotta keep fighting it and hopefully one day the urges will be gone

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Thanks for the Input glad to see I’m not alone in this !! Keep it up keep shouting at those raisins and like me hopefully will be easier soon

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Yeah this is what keeps me going. I refuse to hit reset on this APP. I would be so disappointed in myself.

Hi great advice will try filling myself up with something else before I get a chance … good luck with your sobriety

Hi yeah I think going back to day 1 would be soul destroying … thanks for your advice !! Keep going with it too you are doing great


Day 43 here. I can’t say definitively when or to what degree your cravings will decline, but for me they did after about day 3. I’m talking about the physical cravings.

Now the mental cravings are quite another matter. These depend on whether or not you are 100% “there” in your mind, in regards to sobriety. For me, there is no question that I will not drink again. No leaving the door open to “have just one” at some time in the future.

Think if it like the end of a relationship, where we leave ourselves open to the chance (no matter how remote) that we’ll “get back together”. Nope. Not getting back with the dysfunctional life-partner that alcohol represents in my life.

I haven’t had a single mental craving since the physical one’s ended, about day 5 for me. Mind over matter. Free your mind, your ass will follow.


I’m at 329 days and it does get way better…I actually don’t remember the last time that I actually wanted to drink where it bothered me…I do sometimes think I wish I could go for a glass of wine and I wasn’t an alcoholic but I am and move on…thoughts about alcohol pop up from time to time but they are not struggle thoughts…my thoughts are towards the fact that I’m almost 1 year sober and that’s f’in crazy amazing…hang in there my friends…the world is a beautiful place and I really had no idea


Totally agree with @Jacey, that’s exactly how it is for me. This weekend I will be 6 months sober. I never really had urges, but more of a thought of “I should just go get hammered, none of this matters anyways”. These thoughts occurred a few weeks in, and during some extremely depressed weekends. But they did pass. Life will go on no matter what regardless. You really do have to accept that it’s over. I NEVER thought I would be at this point in my life, could not imagine never drinking again. But now I’m actually at the point where I can’t see myself ever wanting to drink again.


We are real close in time and I have that Stinkin Thinking pop up every now and then. It’s almost laughable when it does. Like the other day I looked at the clock and it was 3:33. Well that made me think of this restaurant called 333 that had the best dirty martinis. So yeah, something so simple as the time on the clock can make our mind wander.

So I told my wife about in and my sponsor just to release it from my head.

@Baillie35, I had it explained to me like this. After a short amount of time the craving is all mental. The physical craving/need has passed. After that is all in our heads. And what is a craving other than a thought that manifest into another and another if we let it.

I was told that we are alcoholic. As alcoholics we are not responsible for that first thought of a drink. It is completly beyond our control. What we ARE Resposible for are the thoughts that follow. Those thoughts are completly in our control. There are 2 paths after that first thought… First is to deal with it by destroying it in any way we see fit. Talking about it with someone or posting here or going on a walk or whatever. Just as long as we get it out of our head. And the 2nd path is to let that first thought grow and grow into us rationalizing a drink. That path leads to oblivion.

I like the first path:)
Hope this made sense


I’m finding it challenging to change my schedule in the evening when I would usually drink. I did good for two days and worry about today.

I’m 3 years sober and I still crave a drink every night when I get home from work. Granted it is definitely not as strong of a pull or a need but that drink sounds like the best thing in the world. This journey is not an easy one for sure there is lots of struggle but I believe the feeling of knowing that you accomplished a goal and kept with it is something to be proud of I hope one day I will be able to see a bottle of alcohol, and not feel like I need what it has to offer. Even though I know what it has to offer is just sadness and pain

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I feel really restless, overwhelmed, and stressed. I feel like the day will never end.
I would drink to relax, so I wouldn’t care about things that bothered me.

Do you do something different when you get home or just get through the urge?

I tried supplementing with sugar but nothing changed when I got home. The sugar is not good either though that’s just something else to get hooked too. I have tried sex which works but right now the gym helps or walking

Being active helps. I think I need physical activity to reduce stress and clear my head. I’m sure I knew that before but alcohol was the replacement.