Will this time be the one?

Addiction is sex addiction and things related to sex (I.e. porn, masturbation).

I’ve gone over 200 days but this time it was over 100 days. This is my last ride. Need to make it a year this time. Feeling stronger but just relapsed Friday. This is the last time. Not going back.

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I see the hope in this title. And you know you can go at least 200 days, cuz you’ve done it before. My addiction is different, it’s alcohol. And I can’t even count the number of times I hoped I would stay sober. Then fail. Then start again… what a vicious cycle. I guess it’s true we have to work on this one day at a time. And know in our hearts we are not alone. And truly get to know what addiction is, inside and out. And unwrap the onion layers of who we really are. There are few other journeys worth more than this. Wishing you strength and peace of mind in your journey!

Thank you so much, will keep going.
At 1.5 days now clean. Day 3 is usually when all the withdrawals hit me like a rock.
I know what to expect and am prepared for it but just sad that I have to go through the motions again.

Lets do this. I recently hit 100 days and had 3 setbacks in a week. I’ve had 6 month streak this year too. Let’s see if you and I can hit 1 year. Technically this is my day 1 again, but i know i can put together a long streak. I chronicaled what happened in my accountability log on here this morning if you want to know my full story. It’s your Day 3, you’ve gone 200 days which awesome. Let’s share tools/techniques. I didn’t properly recover last sunday, I thought i did but the moment my personal life flipped upside down again, i fell. This time, i want to really stick to myplan.

Sounds like a plan. What are you recovering from? What is your drug of choice? Thanks

I just read your story, that is tough, feels like something I can really relate too.

Let’s do this together.
Let’s check in on each other.
My withdrawals are back full force. Almost two days clean in about 5 hours.

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So i just posted on my accountability blog a monthly worksheet. i will be filling it out next. I can’t tell you what to do, but it might help you too.