Withdrawals from Ativan

I’m currently having withdrawals from Ativan. I went to detox 10 days ago for alcohol and got out 3 days ago and I’m now experiencing withdrawals from the Ativan they were giving me in the detox center. Any advice on how to get through this because I feel so bad. I can’t stop shaking. I don’t know if to go back to the detox center or just wait it out.

Was addicted to Ativan for 5 years i stopped in Aug 1986 cold turkey stopped drinking sept 1986 after 17 years i can identify with your withdrawls i used the gym and did alot of walking and i was going to AA meetings aswell . people in planes were talking about me ,couldnt stand loud noise , but i weathered the storm and after a couple of months it got better , but maybe a trip to your doctor might help i also started to take vitamins .wish you well