Withdraws 4m alcohol & drugs

I just hope i can withstand this first few days without alcohol i remember when i try stopping alcohol the first time i couldnt sleep the first month. My whole body hurted my hands were always shaking & i was sweating like crazy. Any body have any points

Try to get ativan or some type of benzodiazepine from your doctor.drink a lot of water and try to eat… I know it sucks right :weary:

I would stay away from any benzodiazepines, they to are very addicting. I have been there, after the loss of my son, I ate them like candy and withdrawing from them is a new kind of hell. I would suggest drink lots of water, Advil is great for muscles and shaking and rest… It’s all in the healing process.
I use to tell myself that in the moments of my withdrawal, “I am getting better, everything is going to be ok” good luck and you can do this.


Was put on Ativan supposed to be short term? five year addiction came of them a month before i stopped drinking i can id with Miki33 withdrawls were Hell that was a few years ago now but can still remember it

Yeah it sucks but little by little thanks

Yeah i noe they become addicted when i was drinking some times i started taking xanax drunk or sober i was starting to become addicted to the xanax but i notice & i stop taking xanax before it was to late. Thanks

Sorry to hear that about your son my condolences. & yes benzodiazepines are addicted i started taking xanax when i was drinking to get buzzed little by little i started popping them like skittles. I was with a girl once & she took pixs of me & when i was sober she showed me the pixz my face was looking all fucked up like zombie thats what made me stop i hated how i looked when i popped to many xanax. Thanks am drinking lots of water & little by little baby steps

My doctor only gave me a week’s supply and that pretty much got me out of the woods… I’ve detoxed without it before and I thought I was really going to die. I tried valerian root and gabba supplements, also chamomile tea in place of a benzo, it helps. I’m on day 4 of detox without medication and it wasn’t easy… Wish you well👍

I would pop ativan when i would start getting withdrawals in the morning (which was every morning) and I didn’t know i became dependant on them until I ran out of them and alcohol. The withdrawal was 100 times worse.