Words of encouragement, please

I have been on a binge for the past week. I feel like hell. I know in my head that alcohol won’t make the hurt I feel hurt less. Yet I jumped back into that swamp again😞 So I am just asking for some words to help me remember alcohol is not my friend. Thanks

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You said it best yourself. Your relationship with alcohol is a relationship of self-abuse. It is you poisoning yourself.

It sounds like you’re feeling pretty rough. Do you want to feel better?


If other readers on this site will forgive me for being repetitive… here’s something from a very good book that I read on the theme of “Giving up alcohol”.

What would happen if you drank down - all in one go - 500 ml of water, milk, orange juice or even CocaCola ? Other than feeling somewhat bloated for a bit, nothing at all would happen.
What would happen if you drank down - all in one go - 500 ml of alcohol (and I mean STRAIGHT alcohol) ? Well, you would probably be dead from alcohol poisoning before you got to the bottom of the glass… You could just as easily drink gasoline, the end-result would be the same.

That being said, is alcohol really so wonderful ?
Just for the sake of disclosure… red wine was always my DoC.


Yes I really do.

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You can do this. Stay here and write down what’s going on in your head. Play the tape forward. How will you feel tomorrow morning. This always helped me. My problems and feelings would be still the same if not worse.

Is there something you can treat yourself with, a warm bath, some entertaining series you can watch, puzzles.

It is hard but you can do it. We all start with not drinking today so we are all together in this.


Thank you.


That is a new thought for me. Thanks for sharing.

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How much are you willing to do to be sober?

More important: is there anything you wouldn’t do, to be sober?

(Edit: I don’t mean this to be discouraging. So many of us have been through what you’re going through. We know the sense of despair. I just mean it to make sure you’re clear in yourself: are you willing to do anything to be sober? Not whether you think you can - that doesn’t matter; none of us knew exactly what would happen when we decided to quit. It’s just this: there comes a point where you’re willing to do anything to be sober. Whether you think you can do it or not doesn’t matter. What matters is you decide.)


you’ve just spent enough time to figure that out for yourself, the advice you should be seeking is what do people do to quit and stay quit. We forget after a few days how bad we felt and think we’ll have one more go at drinking normal, now I choose to wait 24 hours to see how good I’ll feel tommorow god willing I make it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was where you are now only last week. I know exactly what you’re feeling and I’m sorry you’re in that place.

Put whats done behind you, dust yourself off and start your new healthier clean journey tomorrow. If I can, you sure as hell can!!

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I was where you are 5 months ago.

You KNOW where that road leads. Once you decide to blaze a new road you’ll find freedom.

I was a 24/7 drunk, if I could stop you can too. Maybe try a meeting?

My dear friend here told me to write down 10+ positive things that whill happen If I quit alcohol for good and read that every morning and make myself feel more powerful and stronger (kinda way).

If I drink, every morning I can only feel shame and guilt.

Be strong my friend! :heart:

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Did you make it through Day One? If so how is Day Two looking?

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4649tobeme just remember alcohol is.only a temporary fix and the feelings are still their the pain is just dulled a little. Pick yourself up dust yourself off an get back on the wsgon.when the hurt becomes overwhelming call someone,go to a meeting but please rember we care about our sisters and brothers in soberityl

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Day 1 done. Rested. Wrote in journal. Made plans for a happier tomorrow. I was surprised I slept well last night. Today looks like good things are gonna happen. Thank all of you for the help. Today I am going to work on my list off good things that will happen when I don’t drink!

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One day at time . Everyday a chance to live a better happier life :+1:

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Good for you! Glad to hear you made it through yesterday sober. That’s a win :+1:

Today is one more day. That’s all: one day sober. :innocent:

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You really can do this, I used to do exactly the same, I was permanently jumping back into that swamp! I eventually was able to stop and I promise if you work at it you can too!

I used to swear that I would never drink again after every binge, it got to a point that everyone had really had enough of me and my drunken antics and still I would go back to the drink. But then after my last especially bad drinking spree (I don’t think I have ever felt so bad, I hate to even think about it) I knew I had to take action to stop this ever happening again.

I started going to AA meetings, the program helped me where nothing else could and just being in a room with people who had similar problems to me, who understood me was the 1st step to recovery for me. TS is great for this too, both are fantastic supportive enviroments to be in.

Maybe go to a meeting? Their are loads online too, no need to even leave the house! Definetly stay on TS at least! I wish you all the best on your journey!

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I really have to keep reminding me it’s a swamp. I do have a plan to go to an online meeting. The next one is tomorrow. I have been on ST since 11/20 just hadn’t made it my own yet. Thanks for the encouragement.

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No worries! You can do this!