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I need advice! Y’all have heard me complaining about work and disorganization and not making enough money. As a bartender I make 2.13 and hour +tips. They offered me a bar management position and said they would double me at 4.13 and a free meal everyday.
I want more money but I’m scared to ask and don’t know how! They already think I’m bratty. I’m willing to put my heart and soul into this and organize the fuck out of this shit but I want 7.25 and hour +tips. They worst they can do is say no and settle for lower at 5.50 but I seriously need a game plan about how to say it and what and why so they can’t say no :slight_smile:
Help meee! I have low self worth and never have been put in a position to negotiate before.


where are you, in the UK there is a minimum wage by law, if you live in the UK you are a slave, leave your job. If not then take the role and pay rise your one step closer to the amount you want. Prove that you can do the job and re nagotiate later, at least for now you have nearly doubled your wages.

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Pretty standard restaurant/bar industry in US and it varies based on state. Virginias minimum wage is $7.25/hr and servers make $2.13/hr +tips Which I would (hopefully) end up making $20 an hour. But some places pay their bartenders a couple dollars more. It’s very complicated.
Either way if I’m taking on more responsibilities role I deserve a basic minimum wage ? Right? Or more honestly

Don’t get treated like a mug at the end of the day but also don’t walk out unless you have a better option. I was once an assistant manager on 5 pence more an hour than pot wash. At the time some money was better than no money, hang in there you never know what is round the corner.

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Just ask, worse they can say is no. You can’t get fired for asking for a raise, and everybody wants to make more money, so it’s not out of line to ask.

Most people dont get raises by waiting on the sidelines hoping that their hard work will suddenly be recognized. You have to ask for them. Like I said, worse that can happen is they say no. Who cares what anyone thinks about it.


I’m just so awkward. Especially with authority sometimes. I get anxious. I need help lol

How about something like…

Thanks for the offer, I’d really love to take on more responsibility and I think I would be able to make xyz happen (sell yourself here!). Would you be open to negotiation on the salary?


I would seriously consider looking for a new job. It is a law to get minimum wage and your way below that. I think bartender’s should make more because they work hard and all the shit they put up with drunks and belligerent people. Also is it a good idea for you to be working around alcohol because it is a big trigger and not an healthy environment.

Corporations are always trying to get employees to work for as least as possible.

I think that’s why they make discussing pay a taboo subject.

My first assumption is that they are not offering what their able to pay from the get-go. But instead, they’re haggling, trying to start low to see if you’ll take their offer.

I’m pretty sure that if being around alcohol was a trigger I would have already consumed it. Everyone is different.
There are a lot of aspects of my job I really like. I enjoy socializing, I enjoy listening to music, I enjoy being silly and I like making money.
We agreed at $3 more an hour and free meals. Not exactly what I wanted… but it’s better than before. I’m pretty confused. I need to talk to my sponser lol. My head is all over the place.


What are you confused about?

Well down for talking to them and negotiating up from what was originally offered! As well as the extra cash you will have more experience and you can keep an eye out for better paid jobs. Either use them as leverage to renegotiate, or to move to.

Maybe not exactly what you wanted, but sounds positive to me! :pray::sparkling_heart:


@Fj007 sounds like congrats to me! So over 5 an hour plus tips and free meals? Not bad. And it’s a great thing to have the management experience on your CV… be confident in yourself. Own it.

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Thank you so much for saying that. I’m trying to look at it positively, I just feel stressed out and confused. My routine has been throw off the last couple days and I feel it. With this extra responsibility it’s going to be super important for me to stick to a routine and organization while also getting back to working out to have an outlet. I’ve been slacking on a lot of things.

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What are you stressed and confused about?

I saw a really good thing a while back about routines (and other things), I’ve posted it on the forum before but it’s good so I’m going to post it again here :blush: