Working on working out


So we have a few threads on healthy living which is great! It is so nice to have an app that helps with recovery and enables us to share everyday living in hopes to help motivate others. I wanted to start a thread on what your workout routine is on the daily, and some of the healthier habits you are fitting in to help lose weight, gain strength or just overall feel happy. This could provide answers and questions to what works for you. Feel free to post fitbit stats or my fitness pal stats. It could be a great motivator.


Great topic! I have Krav class tonight, so this morning I did a 30 minute power-walk, followed by some agility drills, and then some deep martial arts stretches. I will stretch again about 30 minutes before class, but these are more light static stretches just to keep from pulling something during our warm-up.

For breakfast I had 2 scrambled eggs and 2 clementine oranges, and washed it down with some Branch Chain Amino Acids mixed with water.

Just a tip for those getting back into working out: You will likely experience some delayed onset muscle soreness, at least during the first few weeks. This can cause you to want to skip workouts, and derail your early efforts. I take 500mg of Tumeric, a natural anti-inflammatory, and do lots of dynamic stretching throughout the day. When my fit-bit pings me to get my hourly 250 steps, I take a quick walk around the cul-du-sac, and then do 2 minutes of stretches. For joint pain, Ice is your friend.


Gah. Working out. Such a nightmare in my life. I started. I really did. I started walking like a mad woman due to some FitBit challenges with my friends. And within a week I noticed my feet looked swollen. Then my rings started to hurt. Then I stepped on the scale and saw +4 pounds. THEN I measured myself and I saw increased numbers in ALL areas. WHY DO I BLOAT SO BAD AS SOON AS I START EXERCISING!!!

But I’m still determined to get fit again.

I belong to a gym and I went the other day and I realised how intimidated I’m feeling these days. I’ve NEVER felt intimidated in a gym before. I don’t like it. I need to get in and get a GOOD orientation session done to set up a program. One that includes weights and stuff so I can confidently go in and do what I need to do.


Great advice! I also take turmeric; I think it is an amazing herb! I was so sore the first week or two, but I kept at it. Eventually the soreness subsided and I have started to see a real change!


Do you supplement Branched Chain Aminos? I found that adding this has increased my recovery time between workouts. Before, I needed a full day recovery in between workouts. Now I do something every day, and sometimes twice a day.


So I did 30 minutes on the treadmill at a 15% incline and burned 459 calories at a average heart rate of 150 bpm. Before that I did 30 minutes of core and 30 minutes off upper body strength training.


Might be that one of the earliest by-products of fat-burning is water release.


I do a whey protein shake which has branch chain aminos before and after my workouts. It’s a huge help. I also do red light therapy which helps with sore/tired muscles. I also take 5 mg of creatine post workout as well.


Solid nutrition there.


Are you copying my routine :wink: I did today: 15 mins on crosstrainer, 55 mins of upperbody strenght and the exact same treadmill incline…


Thsee are my current supplements for working out.


So this weekend I’m thinking about doing my first 100km on the bike. Pray for me


Prayers sent…but you got this…just keep a solid pace. If you’re like me you’ll want to win. My competitiveness always makes me go super hard when doing a road race and I end up up to burned out in the end. Fortunately I get to be in the 45-50 age group so I can at least have a chance at a trophy…lol!


Yes, exactly. For some reason I can’t just ride leisurely. I’m going solo so there’s no one to race but that doesn’t stop me haha. Once I tire myself out my pace usually drops.


Dang - y’all are an inspiration. I’m really active, chasing after my little boys all day. My Fitbit always clocks me at over 12,000 steps - but I’m doing nothing to raise my heart rate nor any kind of weight training. I know I need to start, if only from a bone density perspective. Any advice for a total beginner who needs to work out at home?


Kettlebells. You get strength and cardio in a single workout.


They kick your ass too. In a good way! But still brutal at first lol. I remember driving home and every single time my girlfriend and I were pretty sure we were going to throw up-we probably shouldn’t have pushed as hard but it was awesome! I should work toward picking them back up now. Thanks for the reminder!


@Yoda-Stevie and @MandiH are right, kettlebels will kick your butt. I would suggest trying to find a gym that is close to your area. If there is a planet fitness nearby, they are great because they offer free training classes and do not cater to power lifters. It is much less intimidating.


I like kettlebells because you can get one or two (lighter and heavier) and do a complete workout at home, in your garage or basement, really anywhere, although I’d recommend being on a ground floor, in case you drop one. I have an app on my phone with different workouts, based on what you are trying to accomplish, and there are literally a bazillion youtubes of different routines. The dynamic nature of the compound exercises give me a great workout, in the shortest period of time. 20 minutes of free weights vs. 20 minutes of kettlebells? No comparison.


I do a lot of reverse crunches with my ten lb medicine ball. I think I need to look into getting kettleballs as well. What weights do you switch between?