Working on working out


These days I no longer look forward to “drink-30”. Now I am counting down the hours and minutes until Krav class. Haven’t been since last Thursday. Really need it today. 1 hour until I am hitting things (and people), and throwing things (and people) around. Sporting a nice bruise across the abdomen from last class. Yeah, it was put there by a soccer mom…but she’s a black belt, so there’s that.


Are you drinking enough water? We tend to retain water when dehydrated…as when exercising. My hands swell pretty bad after a workout especially if I haven’t had enough water, or if I eat salty food before working out.


I knew it was going to be a rough class when she started with them…not my favorite. I think the more she slacks off on the weekend, the more she tortures us.

Hope your ankle is better soon.


I wear hearing aids in both ears, a little souvenir of my time in the Corps. Without them, I am reading lips. Tough to take a class and not hear, so I wear them. Tonight I took a shot in the ear. Yep, busted the aid all to hell. So it’s off to the hearing aid center to get a replacement. Likely have to get a new set. $1700 bucks.

Oh well. You don’t play if you can’t afford to lose.


Damn…that sucks!


Ouuuchhhhh. That hurts all over!


Lol…first I was "ow that hurt, and then saw the aid on the mat, and realized part of it was still in my ear, and I admit it…lost my religion for a second and was “aaaawefffffaaaaaawwwkkkkinnnnaaaaaaahhhhh”.


This morning’s workout. 1x Darebee Combat Strength routine, with cul de sac laps and lunge walking.
15 minutes on the heavy bag, combo strikes. 15 minutes slip-bob-weave drills on the rope. 5 minutes skipping rope. Day 3 Darebee pull-up challenge. Fighter’s stretching routine.

The Darebee pocket workout app is great. like having a personal trainer in your pocket.


A circuit class, full body workout with weights for me this morning. Likely some yin yoga later. I will let my husband finish mowing the other half of the lawn today. :blush:


Mow? I thought you used a scythe and a machete down there in jungleland.


Twice a week push mowing this time of year. The rest of the yard pretty much takes a machete. It’s all a great workout.


I can imagine. You and hubs out there in your Daktari Action-wear, getting after the yardwork.


Sometimes that is pretty true…including snake boots.


Do you have to wear one of those masks on the back of your head, like the farmer’s in India? They wear them because tigers will try to pounce on the back, and wearing a mask of a face on the back of the head makes the tiger think the farmer is facing him.


I don’t, but it does sound like it would be fun. I am more worried about feral hogs and pygmy rattlers!


I only had one encounter with a feral hog, back in 1986 in Georgia. My Marine buddy convinced me to accompany him to his hometown, on leave, and convinced me to go deer hunting. I had never hunted deer before, so this Boston boy was up for it. Didn’t see one deer, but I did shoot a feral hog that charged me while I was walking to the treestand. At first I thought my friend would be pissed at me shooting one of his daddy’s pigs…my buddy got quite a chuckle out of this, and so did all of those Georgia girls at the local “Opry House”. I fascinated them. I talked funny, and didn’t know how to two-step.


Got a bit of a late start (0700), but got it done. Changed up the circuit to include some kettlebells and skipping rope.


Did kettlebells yesterday in our circuit. Today is a rest day, gardening and moving large agave plants around and giving their pups to neighbors.

Yoga later.


I got a solid 85 mile ride done in the heat, now im going to nap with my boy while the wife and daughter hangout at the pool


I have volunteered to PT a friend as she is preparing for a 10km in September. First session today and I really enjoyed it. Think it could be a career change idea which I am looking for eventually.

Thinking it’s a good way to see if I’ll like it and then might enroll in a course.