Working on working out


Thank you :heart:

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:star_struck: Way to go! :slight_smile: I need to figure out what I need to do to burn more cal. What does my heart rate need to be, etc. It’s based off height and weight too right? I wanna be one of those dudes who burns 1,000 in an hour. Is this even possible? :thinking:

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You can burn that amount of calories. For example, my heart rate was 141 average with bursts up to 166. I ride flats to start and then start adding rollers and then hills at the end. This gives me a good 15 minute warmup before the climbing starts. Then start varying the terrain (i.e. - ramp up the grade for 2-7 minutes and then ramp it back down for 1-2 minutes). Having your heart rate go up and then back down is interval training and will burn lots o’ calories. I don’t have a choice since I am going with the terrain outside, but I try to plan my ride to get some good intervals in. I think it is the best way to train. One thing I don’t do is weights, but in cycling muscle = weight (which is bad; should lay off the coconut cookies :wink: ). I try to let muscles form naturally where they need to be and no more. I could do more core training though.


Vet their website. If it talks about treating subluxations, move on. You need a medical/science based chiropractor.

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Get it treated by a chiropractor. I sound like a broken record here, but soft tissue injuries should not just be ignored. Scar tissue formation from injury can destabilize the joint.

Self care can help, but it will not affect collagen layering. I also saw a recommendation for heat on here. Do NOT put heat on an inflamed area of the body. Heat will make it worse. Ice, ice, ice!

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Pushups 2 x 20 :heavy_check_mark:
40 min elliptical :heavy_check_mark:
13.4k steps :heavy_check_mark:


Taken up boxing the last couple weeks. I hate working out so being able to punch someone helps. Monday and Wednesday cardio kickboxing Tue and Thurs adult boxing where I’m the only woman. 2 types of guys. One who barely taps me when they hit or one who wants to knock my head off.


Is striking to the testicles still frowned upon in boxing?


It is. But you need to do an hour at Max heart rate. I have found that the more I train the harder it gets to burn calories :yum:

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Can we change the thread name to Dr. Grimmers Office? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Nice, kickboxing gets people in shape quick.

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Its the best for me to commit to. I get too bored with typical workouts.


I used to box. I’m sort of too big for boxing now, I do jiu jitsu a few days a week, I’m more of a wrestling grappler type that likes to ground and pound. I love weights tho, that’s my main thing to relieve anxiety. Keep at it


They have been trying to get me into a jiu jitsu class. I take my 4 kids 5 days a week but its too much body contact for my liking. We are a total wrestling family. The real stuff and WWE.

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Late push-ups 25x2 :heavy_check_mark:


My son also does it. It’s great for them to learn to protect themselves, and the discipline that goes with it.

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Lol! I’d muted this thread until someone tagged me.


Day 4 of my kaizen plan for pushups. Did 13 table pushups today

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