Working on working out


10 minutes of warmup on the bike.

Legs and arms done. I had to drag my ass in there, but once I started I felt strong.


Aint it the truth


1.5 mile run
3 planks at 40 sec
Lots of abs
Soccer in park with kids


Serious question here, how does everything feel after you run…talking next day soreness


Trying to claw myself back into running form. It’ll be a lengthy process. Ran for years but not much in last several - was in the “Clydesdale” category lol. Right now I’m pretty slow pace, like 10:40 per mile. I’d like to get that into the low 9s over time and do 5-6 mile runs. Right now, I feel good. Lungs needed a few runs to not be on fire. Legs feel good. I’ve never been a stretcher pre-run, light stretches after. On days I run I just feel great though. Sleep better, better mood, happier. First several were easy jog/walk, had to start somewhere!


And next day soreness is not bad right now at all for me, but again, going pretty easy


Im curious about the risk/reward factor at this age. Ive never been a runner and sometimes I think I should run, but that doesn’t last long.


Yeah that’s a tough call Chris. Certainly 1000 ways to get your blood pumping. Like beating up BOB, lol. And your bike riding. First, I’d say you gotta like what yer doin’. Always worth a shot to see if it takes. But lots of folks just don’t like running. I don’t see too much downside for me personally, even though I’m at that age where you need to get “cleared by your doctor.” But if you do start, I’d definitely recommend proceeding very slowly with run/walks at first.

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Serious question: I’m in my mid 30s and considering getting back into skateboarding to help keep fit.

I used to skate a lot up until my early 20s.

Is this a terrible idea that will lead to me getting knee replacements in my mid 40s? :see_no_evil:

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I gave up running because of my knees. Had meniscus surgery a year or 2 ago and arthritis (i ger cortisone shots. At this age, i dont think it is worth the wear and tear on the body. I prefer elliptical, biking, lifting, golf, tennis. Like Tom said… plenty of other ways to get the blood pumping.


Pushups 2x22 :heavy_check_mark:
45 min elliptical :heavy_check_mark:


3 miles/40 minutes. I feel like this treadmill was lying tho :thinking:


A 20 minute run at a moderate pace is good for us old bulls. Anything more will likely do more harm than good, unless you are an experienced runner. Maybe a 5k now and again as something to work for.

I ran in the Marines, a lot. I’ve run a couple full and half marathons, and a bunch of 10k, 8k, and 5k. Never considered myself “a runner”.

I’ll run every so often, just to change things up. 20 minutes, at a moderate pace, which means being able to talk while running, with some effort. This Equals an 8min/mi pace for me.


30 sec planks x 6
10 pushups x 6
55 min of cardio


This Equals an 8min/mi pace for me.

Currently, I would need to bring a defibrillator at that pace. Man you are in great shape Yoda.


Holy Shit!!!:grin:


He is a super hero isn’t he. I couldn’t talk while doing an 8 minute mile :grinning:

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I’ve also never been a runner, and like @BillS
my joints are a bit worn and recieve injections but like yourself Im looking for a reasonably challenging addition for those days that the body tells me to do something else…Naturally or unnaturally I thought about running. Maybe 20 minutes will work, maybe Ill just keep doing what Ive been doing, which seems to be working. Thanks gentlemen…


Let’s put this in perspective. 8 min/mi for 20 minutes. 2.5 miles. My 5k pace is more like 8:30 min, and 5mi pace is more like a 10 min.

My last PT test in the Marines, at age 31.5, I ran the 3miles in 16:10.


5k run. 8 PNF reps for upper extremity