Working on working out


Get some good shoes. Start walking. Walk for 2 minutes, run for 1 minute. Go for 20 minutes. Next week, alternate walk/run for 90 seconds each. Take week 3 off, as this is the time when shin splints appear. Resume week 4, repeat week 2. Week 5, walk 1, run 2. Week 6, walk for 5, run for 5. Week 7, walk 10, run 10. Week 8, walk 5, run 15. Week 9, run 20. Always run 20. In the coming weeks your distance will increase as your pace increases, but don’t increase the duration. Do this 2-3 times a week, and you will get all the benefits, with a lower risk of injury.

Or you could just ride a bike or swim, or skip rope.

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Im afraid skipping rope may result in facial injuries, all the rest though is a good possibility, thanks for the info.

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I can talk while I run. Doesn’t mean what I’m saying makes any sense.

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Walked 5.5 miles :heavy_check_mark:
Cardio Intervals :heavy_check_mark:
Pushups :heavy_check_mark:
Abs :heavy_check_mark:

I have no idea how Im still standing i might skip cardio tomorrow all the slamming on my injured ankle probably didn't help…i watched at the heart of gold the story behind the us gymnastics scandal and it brought up a lot of feelings and thinking of how hard these girls pushed and fought through all their pain i think really motivated me

Also saw this on the walk and chalk today and loved it…Regret and fear are twin thieves who rob us of today


I ran 18k Just to get back at Silas for making Me feel inferior. :yum::yum::yum: Kidding. Anyhows 1.58 and some seconds


Just doing my part


But seriously, you putting out impressive efforts Day after Day has Been a great motivator lately. Thank you


You’re welcome.
I just posted today’s run in the Strava thread. Personal records!! I have nothing but a humble sense of pride for myself currently… lol is that an oxymoron? Sorry. Still on my runners high :joy:


Not as impressive stats as @Lionfish has :smile:

Push-ups 3x10
Planks 3x40
Abs workout 10 min


Push-ups 3 x 25 :heavy_check_mark:
Planks 1 x 3:00 :heavy_check_mark:
2 x 2:00 :heavy_check_mark:
Curls 3 x 12 :heavy_check_mark:
Crunches w/25 lb plate 3 x 10 :heavy_check_mark:
Feeling like its making a difference…priceless


2.2 mile run
Planks 3 x 40 sec

@funnydad nice work on those planks. 3 min is incredible


Thanks T, trying to get to 3 3’s, cant do it yet.

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Added 9 holes of golf to my workout routine this afternoon. :golf:

3 holes were :+1::sunglasses:
6 holes were :fu::face_vomiting:


When played wrong, golf can be quite the workout…:grin:

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929 calories

Three more days to add miles


Good point. I really just want someone to be a good partner. Work the techniques and definitely hit back because thats how you learn how to not get hit. For me anyway. But there was one guy who just really hit hard even after I had asked him to take it down a notch.


Ive boxed and had a brown belt in kung fu 10 years ago and you get those guys everywhere. Always acting like they have something to prove by going much harder than appropriate. I can only imagine it gets ramped up to 100 if those types of people doing it in front of a woman.

Ive found the best bet is to avoid them in classes.

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Sorry I’m not a runner … I did try for a time though and ended up in all kinds of knee and ankle pain so I stopped running.

I then decided that because all my joints were sore I would go the water option … so I started swimming, been doing this now around 8 months. I also as my joint pains started to ease began going in the cross trainer in the gym instead of running or going on the treadmill. I can honestly say I enjoy it far more and I get more out of it because I do t get joint pain.
Not sure if this helps at all just maybe a couple of alternatives for when you feel up to it :grinning:


Then he is not being a good partner, and is what we call a mat bully. I encountered one myself as a whitebelt. If you get to choose partners, don’t choose him. If you get your partners chosen, and end up with him again, ask him to dial from zero and you will tell him when he’s hitting hard enough. If he goes beyond that, just walk off the mat. It is a great dishonor to have your partner just leave you standing on the mats. If you have a good instructor he/she will know what happened, and will also check on you to ensure there was no injury. The mat bully will get a talking to, unless he has a history of this, and could be asked to leave. Mat bullies are a huge insurance liability.


Walked 3 miles (more like hobbled on a bum knee/ankle) :heavy_check_mark:
Pushups :heavy_check_mark:
Abs :heavy_check_mark: