Working on working out


85 is strong, especially in the heat.


Way to get after it!


If you get paid to do something you love, you never go to “work”


You should see the tan lines from my shorts and jersey…


My plan is to do a beginner HIIT workout every second day…just finished my first…damn…


I do kettlebell HIIT workouts, and they kill me. Totally worth it, but dang…HIIT is no joke.


Jep. In the middle of the workout I thought I faint lol but I killed it. We’ll see if I still laugh tomorrow :joy:


All the extra training is paying off. First, one of my semi-regular Krav sparring partners who is 3 belts more advanced remarked that my hand speed and foot work is looking good. My friends and coworkers have noticed that I’m looking good, and last night my wife remarked that my ass is really looking good.

Of these compliments, I’ll stick with the hand speed and footwork…the rest is superficial. Dangerous first. Looks second. If I was going for looks, I’d be bodybuilding.


I signed up for boot camp today. I hope I don’t die. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Way to go…So jealous


It is big trend right now in the US. Intense exercise regimens. Hopefully all goes well tomorrow! :grimacing:


It’s trending here too. Also a big trend was couple a years back these TFW places…training for warrior…I prefer my lonely self and a gym. :wink:


Today I feel really tired and sleepy and the only right thing to do at this point is to hit the gym!!! No excuses…still getting after it.


Good to keep the routine. I admit, there are days where I get up at 04:30, and I feel it. Muscles are stiff and tired. Maybe something on me is sore, say a knee, low-back, shoulder. I make a deal with myself: Go and get warmed up. Stretch everything out. If you still feel like crap, take a light day. Walk or work the slip-rope, or shadow box, or do all three. I have to be pretty bad to take a “day off”, but I will take a light day or two. What I find is when I am back to feeling rested, I can hit it harder than before. My body just needed a bit more recovery time.


Do you take any overnight or daytime recovery specific supplements? Have been wondering if I should add in something to help with muscle recovery. Just a thought…


I take a daily multivitamin formulated for men over 50, fish oil, glucosamine & chondriton, tumeric with pepperine, lutine, and a branch chain amino supplement.

If I measure my activities against my peers, I hit it pretty hard for a guy over 50. I work out in the garage dojo every day, and take a Krav Maga class 3-4 times a week. Have to expect some minor aches and pains, and general muscle fatigue. Today I woke up and my shoulder and low-back ached. Yesterday morning was my strength day: 30 minutes of lifting my 70lb ground bag, weighted squats lunges and laps with it on my shoulders, than 10 two minute rounds alternating striking on the heavy bag and ground bag, 5 sets of 20 reps sit-ups with punches at the top, and 3 sets of max pull-ups. Last night, I had Krav. That’s why I hurt this morning. So today, I warmed up with 10 minutes of shadow boxing, and did 20 minutes of stretching. I have Krav tonight. Tomorrow I’ll likely be sore again, and I’ll do agility and footwork, slip-rope and double-end bag work. No Krav. Saturday, no work out, just Krav. Sunday is my endurance day. 2 hours of everything, simulating what the Krav test will be like: 3 hours of everything.


I hear you. I hit it pretty hard for a woman over 55…though not as hard as some. I have been wondering about supplements for muscle recovery, I definitely get achy after a tough tabata or trx. I try to work a lot of yoga (stretching) into my weekly routine and that helps a lot. Trigger point is excellent for loosening muscles as well, but I cannot seem to make that part of my routine as much as I know I would benefit from it…plus, it hurts like hell.


I’m actually on my rest week…this is scheduled every fifth week…and I am only to do small weights and low heart rate three times this week…or four…I’ve done three already so four it is…can’t wait to get back to the 5-6 workouts a week


The biggest change I made was quitting the OTC pain relievers, and treating everything with Tumeric and ice. I have noticed a huge improvement, pain-wise since I started taking Turmeric (curcumin). If you choose to take this, get one that contains black pepper extract (pepperdine), as the pepper aids in better absorption.


Tumeric is an amazing supplement. I take it everyday and I tell people about it all the time. The results don’t lie.