Working on working out


Day 7 of my Kaizen pushups challenge. 16 pushups to a table in my hotel room. I cant believe Im already seeing results in improved posture with so little work.
Plan to add 1 more pushup every day until I get to 100. Then I will start replacing one table pushup for a regular pushup every day. Goal by the end of the year is 100 regular pushups per day.


I can imagine you doing that.:grinning:

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Yes, no need for a work out… again!

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Thanks man, that says something…not sure what it says but it says it…:grin:

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My wife says i run in my sleep. More like pumping my feet back and forth.

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Pushups :heavy_check_mark:
Abs :heavy_check_mark:


Now your a side sleeper and you pump your arms also then thats an image…:joy::+1:t2:

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I’m a bit ill so I only did 2x10 pushups and 2x30s planks. Feel drained.

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I think I posted a before picture, here’s a current picture of me after 60 min of cardio today… Layed out on the mat contemplating what I’m doing with my life. my blank stare resulted in me doing the pushups and planks required for this month of May that I told myself I didn’t have to do. I also stretched and then decided to do 3 sets of 6 unassisted dips… With hanging abs in-between.

Edit, picture not included


Today was off day. So no running for me. Instead I did 30mins on the stairmaster. 20mins on the elliptical and hit several sets on my back , arms and chest.
It’s going to be an amazing afternoon


Going to try the stair master tomorrow at the gym :grimacing: At what speed did you walk at on the SM?


I rocked it at an 8, on the fat burn setting for 30mins.
All the glorious suffering was had lol

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Dang that’s amazing. This will not be me tomorrow lol. I’ll let you guys know how it goes :sweat_smile:

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Had a great Krav class this morning. Striking combinations and stick/bat defenses.


Struggling with opposing thoughts, 1st thought: The damage is done, make it stronger, It only hurts for a few reps. Dont stop, I’ll lose all the progress I’ve made.
2nd thought: thats probably going to cause more damage. Take a rest, see a Dr. Help it heal.


Stuck between a rock and a hard place eh?


Not so much, just trying to see who the sadistic ones are…:confounded::grin:…obviously a joke, but yeah some shoulder problems I’m trying to ignore and maybe some have a similiar issue that they have a fix for or can tell me its going to go away on its own with more working out…

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My right shoulder has a problem. Can’t throw a ball anymore. It pulls at something behind the shoulder blade somewhere. If I sleep on it wrong it hurts just to lift my arm sometimes.
Thought about checking it out next time I see the Dr. Had it for a while

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Same shoulder, same pain. Im still able to throw a ball but it takes a good amount of time to loosen up. Even with the pushups, the first few of each set are painful but then it subsides so I can get thru the routine. After though its extremely painful and I also have a problem lifting it. Ive had injections in the past so maybe its time again. Im in a good groove with the excercise and really dont want to stop. I hope yours gets some relief, maybe get an office job instead of smashing concrete and putting up walls.


I’d say rest/recovery is what you need. Muscle memory will be there when you come back to it.

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