Working on working out


I worked out this morning :slight_smile: new job today yes, it went pretty well.


Thanks for the tip!:blush:

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I didn’t want to do the thing, but I did the thing…


Pushups - 0.


Way to get after it, especially when you didn’t want to.

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I’ve never had runners knee, however I once had the craziest case of shin splints ever. It felt as though my calves were sliding off the bone like chicken off a drumstick. It lasted a few days, but after running thru it it became a non issue. Point being, I relate to your pain and wish you a speedy recovery.


Thanks Silas! It’s not 12 miles, but I figure I won’t get chased down by a fat cop if it ever comes down to it.

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Hahhhahahaha. Right!! But nowadays if you run they will just shoot you anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s why I stay out of the big cities. I know every officer at the sheriff’s department up here in the sticks.


Nice! So given that you know every officer there. How many of them do you think you could smoke in a foot race?


I’d say, since you know every one of them, which ones would shoot you?

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I’ve got em all beat, except maybe Jessie. He is on a power trip and would likely be the one to shoot me @rmgrimmer.


How Will you Be lifting the baby with your noodle arms?


Me too! And tonight I ran a recovery benefit run escorted by said cops. Too funny, but they probably had worse worries than my tinyness. Still slowed down and gave me the stinkeye, though.

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Ha , you beat me, I didn’t even think about it :joy:

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Legs (6), planks x3 and a little cardio :heartbeat:

Indoor rock wall climbing at 1! :grimacing::grin:


I, person in their mid 30s, picked up a skateboard for the first time in 15+ years today and went to a skatepark (during the day while all the scary teenagers were at school).

It was So. Much. Fun! Even if i did look like a total dork :joy:


Wanted to share a non scale victory from my new low impact lifestyle :roll_eyes: last night my husband gave me a hug and then said “woah your hips feel thinner” so that’s nice to hear. I’ve been trying to accept that I just need to modify things for a while, but it’s hard because I’ve always been able to throw myself around without issue. I ordered a new training book I’m excited for, and I’m trying to just be present to my body these days.


Way to go Bootz! These bootz were made for running, and that’s just what theyll do…


The last time I was on a skateboard, Jimmy Carter was US President. Were I to attempt it today, I’d likely end up in a body cast.