Working on working out


Pushups :heavy_check_mark:
Abs :heavy_check_mark:


This morning at CrossFit was Clean and Jerks and Deadlifts. Then after the workout, I did 5 rounds of alternating pull-ups (2) and push-ups (10).


So nice when our SO acknowledges the visible changes that occur, when we commit to better physical conditioning.

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Im a crossfitter too. fist bump

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Yeah i feel like im going to enjoy it riiiight up to seriously hurting myself and then ill never use it again. But until then…

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Silas…couldn’t resist to do a few 2 k intervals cause the weather is so good…I did my first sub 8 minute/mile pace 2 k. second wasn’t quite as good…but it wasn’t that much slower either…third 2 k I just walked…

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Dang, you’re going to be outrunning me before long!


I woudn’t even dream of outrunning the running master…


@Rain666 Everytime I try to push the pace, you push a little further. We are going to be ultra runners before you know it. Hitting 100 miles in 24hrs or some shit.

@rmgrimmer I will catch you and pass you master runner lol

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Lol. I used to run with these guys back in grad school. One of them was a Nike Shoe Tester. Ran a 15 minute 5k. I had to go balls out to keep up with their pace for a couple miles, and theyd just be chatting it up the whole time.

On the other hand, they used to run with another guy that they were dying to keep up with. That dude won the Portland Marathon back in 2012. He ran it at a little over a 4 minute pace.

I can’t even sprint a 4 minute pace anymore, let alone keep it up for 26.2 miles.

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I have a friend who runs marathons…it always amazes me how fast they run…

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10 miles on the bike…in the desert…with the snakes…:scream:


snakes…made you pedal faster? :grin:

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planks and push-ups, 1 hr walk during lunch time, climbed 26 floors.


Indeed they did, they’re very motivating…


Morning workout :heavy_check_mark:

  • 45 min elliptical
  • 2x20 pushups

Starting an American Cancer Society step challenge at work. 4-person teams. My team’s goal is 50k steps per day (12.5 each). I will be increasing my morning elliptical workouts to daily and trying to crowbar in some lifting at lunch.


Krav class, repeat of last night. 30 minute strike-o-rama and then 30 minutes of stick/bat defense and counter. I have the bruises to prove it. Lots of bone-on-bone blocks.


Yeah dude. I’ve raced with guys where I was dying, holding on for dear life at the back of the pack and some pro/cat 1 guys were just riding along at the back just shooting the shit warming up for their race like it was a coffee shop ride…


Yeah, there have been studies that show that the anatomy of an elite athetes heart is often different than the average person.

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55 min cardio planks push-ups… Maybe a few weights or stretching right now.