Working on working out


Part of the challenge is I work out like a madman in the mornings, train in Krav most nights, and in-between I sit at a desk, in a car, or in front of clients. Lot’s of time for the muscles to stiffen up. I stretch periodically throughout the day, but still. I’m thinking of getting one of those sit/stand desks that go on top of an existing desk.


How much turmeric do you take a day?

I rarely use ibuprofen, aspirin or acetaminophen, but I will take it if needed…after surgery and such, not for minor aches and pains.


This is what I take…the company is irwins naturals and it has a lot of other health benefits and I swear by it.


I take 1000mg a day.


I’m slowing getting back into my groove. I love lifting the most. Oly style lifting makes me feel like a beast. Heh. Something about putting on a belt and lifters makes me feel like wonder woman. Lol. I’ll also do bench, front and back squats, strict presses, push presses, overhead squats, blah, blah. I just like moving heavy weight. I think it’s cuz I might…maybe, just maybe, have some lingering anger issues. :rofl:cardio…meh, but I’ll walk, run, row, etc.

Goal is to return to actual crossfit and compete again locally. Alcohol, crap food, and sitting on my butt has resulted in a weight gain of about 45 pounds. Consequences. Used 2b a decent lean machine. Making a comeback tho. Boom!


You keep lifting like that and toss a few vowels out of your name, you can get into a “Strong Woman” contest.


I’ve seriously considered trying to train for a powerlifting competition. I just dont see myself being able to walk up to a bar and do all that foot placement mess and then the arm ritual kinda things before deadlifting, without busting out laughing. Now I gotta try to post a video clip of an approach. Those girls can deadlift insane amounts of weight tho.

Oh, and doing a backbend on the bench before the press… I’d prolly die laughing in front of a crowd. Imma try to find some good clips I’ve saved. I’ll be back to this thread later.


And lawd…those singlets… bwahahaha



Oh my word! You saw that girl reaching to the sky on the third one. Maybe she was saying a quick prayer.

  1. That is the definition of ouch. She is an idiot for thinking that was a good idea though.


@Yoda-Stevie @Sassyrocks do you go for physio or proper deep tissue sport massage?

I’m only in my 30s and carry a good few sporting aches and pains I find that physio, usually only once or twice a month, particularly on my knees and back along with yoga really helps.

I had real calf problems for the past 10 months and physio really helped and made me think I should build it in as part of my recovery. I’m booked in for next week.


Neither. I have my daughter walk on my back. Snap, crackle, pop, and I’m right as rain.


I used to walk on my dad’s back when I was little?! Heck, I’m still little 4’10” & 104 lbs … there’s a side hustle for me :joy::rofl:


I get a massage once a month, I alternate between deep tissue and relaxing…it helps a lot, as does the yoga. Stretching is so very important.


There just might be. Might want to look into that.


Jumping in to record that after an easy/fast 3 mile run yesterday my knee really started bothering me by walking up a super steep hill at the water park, over and over. I have PT tomorrow for an unrelated and mostly better hip issue, so I’ll then check it out, but I’m really concerned. Ugh.


Perhaps overuse? Needs a bit of a rest?


Hope the link works so u can see a mind bending bench setup. Heh.


Can’t see where that would give someone more strength, and that can’t be good for the spine.