Working on working out


Turmeric and ice. Fix you right up. We were doing hip-tosses tonight and I landed on my knee when getting thrown. Took some turmeric and iced the knee and my shoulder for an hour. I am good to go.


Agree. I guess you don’t have to lower the bar as far tho. Looks insane. I put my feet back and kinda somehow use my legs, but that arch…negative ghost rider.


@Yoda-Stevie. …here you have the sumo deadlift setup for 345lbs. She’s tiny. If I ever learn to sumo deadlift imma have my setup professionally choreographed to music. Imma give judges baseball gloves to catch my eyeballs too, when they pop out of my skull.


While not necessarily “bad” for the spine, it is not very proper form and is considered by many as a way of “bending” the rules of powerlifting in their favor.


Thanks to you and @Sassyrocks for the suggestions. I did two easy miles and am icing out now. I’ll follow up and purchase turmeric tomorrow. It’s, time to fully commit!


Hundred and four pounds…I was doing leg presses yesterday with 680 pounds…you’re tiny :wink:


Wow! :sweat_smile: and yes, I’m a teeny, tiny lil’ thing :grin: