Working on working out


20, 25, 30, and a 45 for snatches, but for the longest time the 20 and 25 were sufficient.


Here’s a good video on maintaining mental health… Short meditation exercise at the end of the video.

Will post my workout routine shortly-loving this thread.


I just went back to the gym this week. My trainings consist in 35 min. Of cardio , probably walking in the treadmill , 4 times a week.
And 4 days of weight lifting , 2 days of upper body and 3 of lower.
This week it was hard to get it done :white_check_mark: but I would go to the gym as do as much as I can I’m sure it will
Her better week by week.
My diet , I’m traying to keep it very simple and clean … but anxiety is not helping … hope that gets better to.


I do a lot of walking. Average about 10 miles a day of purposeful steps. I play basketball on the weekends usually. I don’t do any weights or add any supplements aside from a multivitamin. I eat keto, it’s a lifestyle.

Maybe when I lose about 25 more pounds I’ll start a simple 5x5 with heavier cardio, but for now it’s working and I’m losing.


Here’s what I did today … well didn’t complete it to be honest :joy::joy:

dumbell row 4-15
tricep extension 4-20,20,16,12

pullover con cable 4-15
dips 4-16 con los pies trepados en un banco

good morning 4-15
pushdown 4-20,20,16,12

lateral raises 4-20,16,12,12
alternate dumbell 4-16

shoulder press machine 4-20,20,16,12 combinado
barbell curl 4-16

front raises 4-20,16,12,12

crunches crossover 4-25


“Hope” isn’t a strategy for success. Decide to eat healthy, and then eat healthy.

Wars are won in the Will. Use your will and self-discipline to achieve your objectives. You can do this. You’ve got a great start with your workouts. Shame to sabotage all of that hard work with unhealthy habits. Every day, get better at getting better!


Before alcohol took over my life. I used to work as a personal trainer. I can give you some very simple routines you can do at home :slight_smile: with very little equipment maybe some dumbbells.
When I had my last baby I would take her in her stroller for some running. That’s something we both enjoyed a lot.


I was súper strict with my diet. I’m taking 13 % body fat … but right now I’m honestly can’t do that. I noticed that when ever I’m hungry I always get some alcohol cravings … :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


There’s professional fitness (for pro athletes) Occupational Fitness (for servicemembers, Fire/EMT, Law Enforcement), and Recreational fitness (for everyone else). Walking and Basketball are great exercises, for general health. If it’s working, keep doing it.


I pretty much just do cycling. My schedule doesnt really allow for long rides with the 5 and 2 year old at home so i commute to work on bike 3 days a week, and then if im lucky i can squeeze a quick ride in on thw weekend or a short criterium race.
Id ride my trainer after the kids went to bed during the winter. Workouts are random. Hiit if i do somwthing on the trainer, or i mix in sprints on my commute.

I ususally ride to work with a banana before or nothing, and eat some overnight oats with blueberries and almond slices after. Lunch is a wrap, snacks and stuff. Lately dinner has been a big ass salad.


No need to be super strict…just healthier. I find if I make radical changes in my diet, I get negative results, and negative results make it harder to stick to it. I eat a paleo diet, but still allow myself one meal a week to eat whatever I want. Paleo works for me, because I don’t have to count anything. It is a matter of “eat this, not that”. When I tried something else and had to count calories or macros, logging everything, it ended up just being a pain.


For soreness I SWEAR by Vega Sports Recovery Accelerator. I’m not sure what’s in it but it is more carbs than protein…and I’m never sore. If I do protein alone I am super sore.

I read that once that IMMEDIATELY (like before 15 minutes) after workout you needs carbs/sugars. Protein is needed about an hour later.

But I’m no expert. Just what I read.


Absolutely working. Pants are getting bigger, scale number is getting smaller. I have breathe, I have energy to do it, my joints aren’t always near agony. When I was playing 2.5 hours of full court pick up ball a night I could hardly walk afterwards.

Guess the difference is I’m comfortable with where I’m at and the progress I’m making. I had no patience before and wanted to lose everything right now. Not a healthy way to go about it.


That would be wonderful! I’m currently a stay at home mom to my two- and four year old, so gym time is hard for me. I walk a lot with my boys, but I don’t do much else. Thank you!


I’ve never heard of that. I’ve definitly been warmed about retaining water when building muscle (I think it is a layer of protection as the muscle heals???) but I’m only walking so not making much muscle. I’ll look into that. I’m definitely needing some supplement for releasing the bloat. I was suggested a dandelion tea…I haven’t tried it yet though. I do have ONE bag that was a freebie but I’m not sure if I’ll notice anything after ONE tea. LOL


Yes I think that’s a much better a reasonable approach! I’m no where overweight but I need to loose a few pounds and go back to feel fit and energize ! I love exercise and in the past year I would go either hangover o dehydrated to the gym …/ last months I could barely get my self to show up /./ so this is very important to me and something that keeps me motivated to remain sober.


I will send you a message. I’m a home stay mom to , but my kids are a bit older so it gets easier to get some extra time.


Not sure if I’d recommend kettlebells with little boys in the house. I usually suggest people begin with bodyweight exercises. There are lots on YouTube. My wife often does Fitness Blender.


The biggest thing is that it is something you enjoy, so its not a chore to stick with it. When I was in the Marines, I ran, swam, lifted, but the thing I really enjoyed was racquetball. I could play for hours. Played competitively and placed in the Armed Forces Far East division. Haven’t played in years. I guess my interests just changed. A few years back I was mad into cycling. Before that it was distance swimming. Now I am all about the Krav. If my body could handle it, I’d be at the Krav studio every day. My point is, keep doing what you love, and it ain’t work…it’s play. If and when it ceases to give you enjoyment, put it down, and pick up something else.


I love hooping, always have. I like any team sport really, except baseball cause I can’t throw one lol