Working on working out


Hello everyone, hoping I can hop on this thread. I have always been really big into fitness, working out, clean eating. I gained about 15 lbs when I stopped pain meds and was in rehab. I started my insanity Max 30 again so today was tabata strength and SUCKED considering after warm up the first workout 20 seconds on is burpee to lunge haha but I loved my progression with IM30.
Breakfast (I know, bad) is pure zero rockstar so I can have the energy to chase my 1 year old and 3 year old then my lunch will be meal replacement shake


Ha ha ha.

I’ve had gym mates throw a kettlebell across the floor doing swings!! I’m always amazed that no one has been hit yet.


Welcome to the thread! By all means, share what you are trying, what works, and what isn’t.


Way to get at it @Mare !!!


You are absolutely welcomed to the thread, it is nice to have you involved. I think it will be a good thread for motivation, tips and health. 3 things I need in life :slight_smile:


As long as they aren’t right under foot. Yeah, a kid getting hit with a kettlebell swing would be rough, but really, anything involving metal moving through space is a danger to kids. Free weights, stationary bike (little fingers), treadmill (kids being tumble-dried).

The thing is, kids need to learn that stoves are hot, and kettlebells are heavy. They either take your word for it, or learn the hard way.


that’s why I recommend doing them on the first floor. Never lost one doing a swing, but I have doing a clean & snatch.


Go on! Good for you!


I once had a snatch get out of control on me and my arm went behind my back. Fortunately I was able to turn my body so it didn’t dislocate my shoulder!!


Too much weight will do that. That’s what happened to me. Body was anticipating a lighter weight and was out of position. It was either let it go, or tear something up. Noting a little drywall patch couldn’t fix…


Oki… @Bill_Phillips I thought you were younger…so good on you for that. @Englishd Good luck on that 100 k. Please share your experience on that once you DO complete it tomorrow. I have only done cycling at the gym now and I have no idea how big of an effort 100 k would be…probably huge. Gotta tell everyone that I used to play hockey as a kid…I think I played untill I was like 15 or so. Already at that age I remember that the training was pretty intense. We had practise every day in the summer…sometimes it would be a 50 k. biking and then to weights…that much I remember…can’t remember how long it took or anything like that…anyways…two guys from my team made it to NHL…which is a lot for a team in a small city in a small country…
My tomorrows training schedule changed a bit…I’m going with a fellow addict to run the stairs…I’m gonna put Strava on for that one…and also my polar watch so I can share my heartrates etc with you guys…
My eating routine is that I try and eat 5 times a day…Breakfast is numero uno…It has to have some good carbs and proteins and it’s gotta be big enough to carry me through day…next is a snack three hours after the breakfast…usually a banana…just to keep my digestion flowing…or something like that…then lunch…now this doesn’t need to be so big cause of the good breakfast…a sallad might do…well anything…as long as it’s healthy and light…couple of hours after lunch is usually my time for training…and after training I head home to eat my dinner…more carbs and protein…then I go to a meeting and after that it’s time for some evening snacks…highprotein curd/quark (is that the same thing)?..anyhows…this has been working quite well lately…and now I’m in the process of adding some fruits and veggies in the mix with the smoothie madness :wink:


It’s about 64 miles. I plan on keeping a 13mph pace. It’s double my longest ride. I’m a huge NHL fan as well!


Damn you Derek…I know what 100 k is…I’m in Finland…I’m Metric as fuck :wink: I meant I have no idea how would that compare with timewise etc…Sooo you have about 4 hours planned for that?


I do weight training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I tend to mix up the routines every couple of weeks. On Tuesday and Thursday, it’s usually something cardio themed, involving my kettlebells and Airdyne. I guess my goals are “functional aesthetics”? Look good, but also be strong A.F. I currently use creatine/glutamine mixes, whey protein, and BCAA in my pre/post-workout smoothies.

Healthy eating is a big thing for me. I don’t do sweets very often, and if I do, it’s usually Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Halo Top/So Delicious ice cream. I follow a 90/10 Paleo meal plan…with the ‘10’ being my cheat day. I meal prep weekly, measuring and logging everything. It was a pain at first, but it’s so easy to do now, it’s something I look forward to doing, and I feel a great accomplishment when doing so.

I use Fitocracy and Bodyspace to track my workouts, and my Fitbit is linked up with my My Fitness Pal app.

Good times all around. Stay motivated, and have a strong day!


Yeah, probably around 430-5 hours. I also plan on taking a mid point break


Hahahaha. Im metric as fuck!! That was awesome!


If this were in the lounge I would make a dick joke…


Walk around. Don’t sit. I’ve ridden a couple of centuries, and did the Live Strong 24 hours of booty. Made the mistake of sitting down on a break. Quads cramped up something fierce.


Do you clip? Made a huge difference for me.


Lol, no. I have a beat ass Huffy that I’ve already sank way to much money in to. I’m not spending any more money until I get a new bike