Working on working out


Rode my first century on push-pedals. 100 Miles of Nowhere.


If I got new pedals they would be worth more than my bike.


It’d be funny if then someone would steal just the pedals :wink:


You weren’t around when my first bike got stolen were you? They left a shitty broken bike in its place. I actually laughed at that


Can’t remember such, but that’s probably just cause I’m a newbie


It was like April 2nd or 3rd. There’s a thread about it somewhere


Last summer someone stole a bike from me…I don’t do the kind of bikes that one would ride distance etc…I always get me a really old one speed bike and return it to it’s old glory…so I had put like 20 hours of work into that one…had found it at our farm lying next to a blacksmiths hut…it’d been outside exposed to elements for atleast a good 20 years so you can imagine the condition of it…anyways I saw that it was built well and I decided to completely take it apart, sand it and fix all parts…did just that…then some (I imagine) god damned junkie stole it for a fix…now I have another old one from the seventies in the works…still missing backwheel parts which I should get in a while…anyhow…If someone steals this one I’m gonna loose my shit, guaranteed.


Dunno if it’s the same thing or not but whenever I go for a long walk my fingers swell up and get really stiff and sore!! It’s worse the warmer it is. I find that if i hold a small piece of stick in both hands then it doesn’t do it as much. That or walk with my hands stuck up in the air :joy:


Exercise increases blood flow to your heart and lungs, in addition to the muscles you’re working, thus, reducing blood flow to your hands, which would make them cool down. This makes the blood vessels in your hands open wider, which could lead to the swelling.


So is that a good thing or a bad thing? Or just something that happens with some people? I just figured I had really crappy circulation!


Sounds like it could be related to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. It’s a condition where your neck and shoulders are too tense and restrict blood and nervous flow into your upper extremities.


Going to Krav. Need to hit some things (and people).


If you could throw a few strikes in for me that would be much appreciated because I just spent 3 hours at the DMV and I dont have a punching bag. It’s on my future purchase list!


According to the Mayo clinic, it can be an issue for endurance athletes (hyponatremia). There’s no proven way to prevent or reduce hand swelling, but here’s some tips I’ve read, and also follow:

°Remove your rings and loosen your watchband before exercise.
°Perform occasional forward and backward arm circles during exercise.
°Stretch your fingers wide and then make fists several times during exercise.


Sweet. Thanks,I’ll give them a go after winter :blush:


Do you live in Australia, cause I’m pretty sure Winter is over…lol!


Yep. Qld :joy:


i just started spinning by myself at the gym (have been able to catch some dodgers games while doing it, too!) and finishing with a 15 min dry sauna session. its been so nice to dump sweat on the bike and then meditate and relax in the sauna room. hoping to get rid of some toxins in the process :muscle:


Thats good stuff @claire-lo Keep up the positive work!


@Yoda-Stevie I use this stuff after my workout. It is legit good and has added magnesium.