Working on working out


That’s great. Here’s what I use


So very true!! Small changes give the biggest results.


Yes indeed. If it’s something you can’t live with, it won’t work for you.


This is what I used after workout


My post workout mix. Pre workout is usually just an apple with 2 TBSP of almond butter.


This is for everyone, especially those who may not have access to a gym. When teaching stewardship classes or counseling individuals on their finances, ditching the gym membership is often required to get their budgets to balance, but I tell them not to use that as an excuse for not working out. The good Lord has given us everything we need to exercise: gravity.

These are the calisthenic and stretching workouts I do at home, to keep a variety.


Today was Friday fight round 1 for my IM30 and it kicked my butt. I was drenched, then had to clean house. Finally relaxing watching some trash tv haha here is a little look into what today was. The burpee to lunge seriously suck along with anything involving legs haha hope you all have a beautiful blessed Friday. My 1 year old is crying


anything with “burpee” in the title is guaranteed to suck. I know only one cal that sucks worse: 8-count body-builders, or as we called them “8-count Motherf$*#ers


I effing HATE burpees!!!


He makes that look easy! Bahstahd.


I hate them with a vengeance. They are killing.
Why even bother.


Today in numbers:
20 000 steps
16 miles
3150 cal


Ooh my gosh, that’s one of the workouts on IM30!!! I HATE THEM, but love the soreness lol


I’m doing t25


Haven’t been able to do much, got stuck with a stomach bug. But should be back at after the weekend!


Participating in a Golf Scramble this morning. I’m extremely bad at Golf.


Is it a best ball scramble? I love those, although I admit I am actually pretty good at golf!


I wouldnt play if it weren’t best ball. I’d never make it to the green. I still enjoy playing even if I have terrible form and a horrendous hook.


Just being out there with friends and enjoying the day is what golf is all about for me. If I hit one really good shot, it makes my day!


“Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an ever smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.”

Winston Churchill