Working on working out


Had to trim the morning workout back a bit. Been fortunate to be hitting class 5 days a week, and they’ve gotten even more intense. Combined with the regular morning routine, I am starting to feel overtraining coming on, mostly in the joints, but quads and shoulders feeling constantly fatigued. Tweaked my low neck during knife defenses at Krav, so this needs some tending to.

I start teaching a class this week at church so I’m going to slowly dial it back up over the next 6 weeks, and then ramp down as the belt test at the end of March approaches. My kick-boxing instructor recommended I start logging my rounds weekly both class and home, to get a better sense of how much I am training. Makes sense.


Tweaked my back Monday, slipping on some ice. So today, I lowered my weights and focused on my form and breathing.
workout1 workout2 workout3


Great work, man!

Careful with your form on those bent over bb rows especially, that is how I hurt my back originally back in January/February of last year, and it’s plagued me since. I wasn’t even going that heavy at the time, think it was like 80 lbs. Seemed like a pretty benign and minimal-risk lift, but I paid for my lack of caution. Just looking out!


Yeah, it’s always the move you don’t think about that ends up getting ya! I did my post-workout stretches, and took a curcumin pill to help with any inflammation. We’ll see how today goes. Still gotta play for billion pound bass for a few hours tonight. Hahaha.



When I think of potential injury, my mind immediately goes to squats, deadlifts, anything that involves twisting, the usual.

But no. Frikkin’ bent over rows did me in. Gah!

I know the feeling…I have an 80’s Danelectro guitar that I adore, but goodness…it’s like wearing a sack full of cinderblocks around my neck.


Pure classic Peavey rocker. 1980 T-40. It’s like a tree trunk with strings.


Started walking again. Sounds small but to me getting active again Is a big deal


“The only bad workout is the one that doesn’t happen”

You are up and moving, that’s a positive thing from any angle! Good work! Do you have specific walking routes planned ahead, or do you “just go”?


My plan is to walk to work, walk back from work and to have a walk during my lunch break… I sometimes go different routes home to keep things more interesting lol

Edit- oh and I want to hit at least 10k steps


I think those are great goals! Reasonable, obtainable, and requires effort/motivation to do. Go you! :smile:


3 miles on the treadmill in 23 minutes. I don’t know if I’ve ever run 3 miles that fast before except for playing sports in high school. Might consider running a 5k when all this snow melts.

Followed by:

CHEST - 3 sets of 10
Bench press, seated flys, incline dumbbell press

CORE - 3 sets of 10
Reclined weighted situp, weighted Russian twists, bicycle kicks


My PT made me do a 11 minute HIIT at the end of my routine today…40 seconds of hard as you can followed by 20 seconds of rest…for 11 minutes…Power ropes…This after upper body work out session…I think I won’t be able to lift even my middle finger tomorrow :wink:


Love ending all my lifting sessions with HIIT, although not that intense. Good way to sap those last few drops of energy.

I do 15min at the end every time, but I alternate between 2 mins walking, 1 minute sprinting hard. So 5 cycles of 3 minutes = 15min total. I wouldn’t say the sprinting is my hardest, either, but it’s close.


I’m with you. Krav got canceled last night due to snow, so I hit my bags for an hour. 20x3minute rounds with a 1min rest between rounds.

Alarm went off at 4am, I stood up, and said…think I’ll take a rest day.


Been wondering where you’re at. I’ll try the 40sec on/20 sec off today.


Sweet tiny baby Jesus I’m sore today. Been really getting after it at the gym and while I’m loving the results, I am flipping sore right now lol. Oh well just need to shut up. Happy I’m sore. Muscles tearing, muscles healing and growing. Back day today. Love getting after the pull ups and working on really building a bigger stronger back.
Progress not perfection :man_shrugging:t3:


I have decided to do something tomorrow that I haven’t done for a long time. I’m going swimming to try and take my mind off things for a few hours. Not looking forward to showing my body off so going to try and get there early, just hope I don’t see anyone I know/knew and fall into the trap.


I’ve been using a 28kg breaker today taking concrete up. I feel like my arms are 3 ft longer and my shoulders fell like I’ve been lifting heavy weights!


Yeah lol I couldn’t imagine. With my crohns I’ve never really been able to get into that field of work for a long time. I think my 2 hr workouts are intense, but it’s not a 8-12hr day swinging a hammer. Hope your shoulders and arms heal up!


tell me how you did…And I’m around…just busy with stuff…but same amount of work out as before…just not same amount of posting about it :wink: