Working on working out


Congrats on 90 btw! That’s awesome man


Do you take turmeric? It is a natural anti-inflammatory. Helps with DOMS too. I take 1500mg every day, along with Krill Oil.


After taking a break from weights I decided to get back into it today. Mixed it up with the following -
200 skips
50 x 8kg weighted lunges
10 x 18kg deadlifts
15 x 18kg front barbell squats
30 pushups
50 sit ups
Repeat x 4
Finished with 500 skips
Feeling dead but amazing *may not be capable of walking tomorrow lol


Given’ em both barrels, Becsta! :muscle::fire:


Impressive! Way to get after it.


I ussually go spinning at gym 3 days a week. Other says it treadmill/eliptical and weights. I also hike when it is not frigid outside. I love skiing and will happily swim unless pool is busy.

I’d encourage everyone to try yoga or tai chi also at least once.


Awesome feeling when all the hard work you put into your recovery starts to fall into place… have been really focusing on trying to find out what is the right balance of everything that I need!



Tried something different last week/weekend. I really wanted to win a week long step challenge and then also the weekend step challenge


Nice! My fitbit steps are a little sad at the moment :joy:


Start a challenge :blush: it really motivated me…I was struggling to meet my 6k goal before I decided I wanted to do this back to back win. It took me a couple weeks to gain the momentum to get a higher number of steps every day.


115k steps in a week?!?! That is really impressive You, like, totally pummelled Ashlee and Brittany!!! :sunglasses:

I’ve been shooting for 6k steps minimum each day but the target is 10k. Crushing it today with 12k after a 3.2 mile walk at lunch. I’ve been hit or miss on my morning workouts. Energy level has been “meh.” 45 min elliptical workout planned for tomorrow AM.


Those are my exact goals as well. At least 6k, strive for 10k.

Those women regularly beat me so it was a (big) victory for me.

Lol, like, thank you :joy:

Congrats to you for continuing to go after it even with feeling MEH, that’s dedication and will get you results!


Nice. Congrats!!! I need to push myself more.

I do go to spin classes 3 times a week and walk almost everyday. I track .on samsung health. I don’t know why. It is not like i ever go back and look at the stats


This morning up at my usual 0400. Did the darebee powerline workout for warmup: intervals of jump rope and pushups, 5 sets each. Did 5x25 kicks wearing ankle weights front, side, round, question mark, Then did 10x3min rds on the heavy bag, and 15 minutes of deep stretching.


My routine Just changed at the Gym to include a Hiit after each workout. And all the work out are now 3 sets of 15 reps…going for muscle stamina for a while now. Plus one run and one cardio under 130 bears per minute…later in the spring running Will become more of a priority…aiming for that half Marathon this summer :sunglasses:


Have you considered hitting a bag for your HiiT? Lots of workouts out on YouTube for HiiT on a heavy bag. Works total body if you are also doing footwork, bobbing and weaving, changing levels and angles of attack. At least 1/3 of my rounds I’ll work punch/sprints for 20 seconds, and then movement for 20. Really builds endurance.


will put on my future to do list…right now I just started this plan…don’t wanna argue with my PT…she’s scary :wink:


Definitely work the lead hook then. If she goes all beast on you, the lead hook is the punch no one sees coming.


My home gym burned to the ground this weekend past!!! I went there for 11 years…I missed the last year and a half because of my active addiction but notlw that I’m back in recovery I was planning to get back Monday past! I have P90X and i did it back in high school and lost like 40 lbs. I think i may start that program again tonight. Any other suggestions for home work outs? All i have are dumbells 5 10 15 20 25 lbs and some resistance bands.